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Typo: some normal females are masculine*

Ridiculous to play those two great scenes from Moby Dick and not put it on the list.

That just shows u, not to ever trust anyone, like the wife trusted those old ladies. Overall great movie!


Brain washer and manipulator with characteristics of very good smooth talker. If you want to debate me in person you can.

Is that actually Obamaโ€™s or is that a actor

You’d should do the doc Holliday accent from tombstone

You guys need to make your scripts less corny.

Get some Aurther Miller up in dis bitch!!


I started learning German for the fist time 1 year ago. And after 2 or 3 months I realized that it has no practical purpose for me. I simply don’t use it in my life. So I stopped. I’ll only continue if I move to Germany or something.

Good class

We increasingly value empirical evidence (the basis of science) above other information, they have entirely based communication on those principles – beautiful.

Where does thought come from? Think about it

Can you come to my country to teach me cuz my teacher is good but i dont understand him


Inventing names is not a science, it is a scam.

Turks in Iran are 27,000,000

All the best people are non-rhotic

Chinese is not a language! Haha.. so many are saying they’re learning or know it!



Very useful, excellent explaination, Thank you so much xx

Eminem is the best rapper of all time. Maximum respect to 2pac.

The funny thing is that you sound like an amateur, I expected more of you.

Very informative. Thanks

Zero Hour…

Only go for agree or disagree??

My child listend to young thug once and now he won’t stop smoking penises

This is enforced onto us by the Jews and only by recognising this as a group can we end it.

Awesome keep uploading

And Balto-Slavic may not initially pass through Thrace, or even worst to place it in Illyrian territory around Vinca culture (*8). It is true that the Baltics have had contact with the Illyrians, but considering that the Illyrian territory has expanded far north, this is understandable, before Slavic infiltration in between (*9).

Being bilingual makes me feel so smug

This is freaking assembly i swear

Your dum

I knew this was gonna be an amazing video just by the camera angle on the thumbnail ๐Ÿ˜›

Who’s here because of Dr. Horn?

“I could hear my heart beating. I could hear everyone’s heart. I could hear the human noise we sat there making, not one of us moving, not even when the room went dark.โ€



Why am I even watching this? I am struggeling to start write down my story for years now… I’l begin. now. (sorry for bad english, I am bad at sentences ;))

2. English TV cartoons (Tom n jerrry n stuff)


Good one

I’ve been teaching in the U. S. Observed quite a bit after having gone around (different states in 10 years)…coming from ‘outside’, it’s easy, in fact, crystal clear to me (and to many others teaching in the U. S. who didn’t grow up in the educational system of the U. S.) how the over-emphasis on ‘academics’ and standardized tests coupled with so-called ‘teacher accountability’ (that has become a trigger point for ‘finger-pointing’ among teachers and parents for their kids not learning) can actually be a process of “un-learning” for many children.

This looks a bit wrong. Where is Latin? Where is old Norse?

When did prince vegeta become a doctor?

@Thugnotes, can you also do notes for math and other subjects? I just thought that would be pretty neat.

Artistic and creative!

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Juro Por Mi Madre, Que le voy a dar like a este comentario

Narzฤ™dnik (Instrumentalis)

9. Some androphagi (Germanic) tribes of Scandza, explicitely of Dania

Don’t be fooled by how he talks, because if you run against him, your campaign will be in the bottom pit. He is a lot more educated than the words he uses to communicate to the citizens. Have you listen to his talks in Poland. That’s the real Trump. He had to stoop down in a humble position and say it like it is, just like how we do or want to do. The hand gesture is the same training they teach lawyers when presenting a case, the humor is a tactic we use in business to gain client trust and assurance by repeatedly saying “believe me”. You say it’s stupid, but all of these small gestures you call stupid has been studied and proven to work in courtrooms, business tactics, and even preachings. You say retarded, but he is standing in the presidency because of what you call retarded motions. He is genuine and no other president is like him and ever will be him. That’s just Trump. He speaks his mind and tells the people like it is. The people love him for that. We are tired of presidents talking professionally and smooth silky tongue, then turns around and do the exact opposite. Trump is the only president actually keeping most of his promises. Obama made it seem like he’s keeping his promises, but turned out that it’s his legacy and benefits only him and his Isis group.

I love u Sir

I am having my boards tomorrow! and i am starting my macro now

Did u know that if the world’s oceans were put into a bath tub then 1 teaspoon of it would be drinkable freshwater. Now this makes u realize how terrible we are

I will find this pretty interesting and maybe funny to watch bcs im a toxic memelord that will trigger everyone :^)

18:56 best part of the video



Part of why I Love the Kingkiller chronicles books is that Kvothe’s journey is nothing like this patern

There’re no such a thing as “cases” in Chinese. Words, by which I mean characters, simply don’t change. But if the characters change due to different cases, that would add a whole new level of complexity to it and it would be a total disaster.

Though I like Blanchett’s performance of Dylan, I really don’t think her vocal imitation of Dylan was that good – far too articulate.


Simply put… Freedom is economic freedom for those assholes… the government should be strong enough to protect corporates interests and weak enough not to question consolidation of power by corporates B. S.

It makes me sad that the NY accent is going away.

Nowadays, social status and material possession of a person is rather important as they help him/her a better life; howerver, in my opinion, real a personโ€™s worth is considered old-fashioned values, such as hornor, kindness, trust and social status and material possession anymore. Only social status and material possession are not full to judge worth of a person.


Such an amazing executed video. Loved this, earned a subscriber.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Albus Dumbledore


The american revolution had nothing to do with the voice of citizens. Even Benjamin Franklin wrote how the revolution was rooted in an economic conflict between the US and the UK. The US wanted economic independence from the Bank of England and not pay taxes to it. This video has lost my interested because the lecture seems to be vastly ill or under-informed in the surrounding works and facts in multiple places. Even the presumption that Germany wouldn’t comply before the US is totally politically biased. Either side is equally capable of non compliance. An example being the over 60 illegal wars waged by the US after WW2 that go against the UN treaty. We must remain objective if we are to maintain intellectual rigour.

This video is very, very informative. Thanks. just that it is not so clear. Is there any way of getting the original copy of it?

The problem with the OJ thing is that the actor sounds WAY more emotional than OJ’s flat pan. I get that its meant to be artistic, but I feel like that it was only done to make OJ more likeable, for what ever dumb reason they come up with. The guy write a book about how he WOULD have killed them if he did it… Who the FUCK dose that?

So many comments are completely missing the point.

Age of Mythology should not be even in honoroble mention, other top games were Stronghold, empire earth



You are very welcome!

“Irrational attachment to freedom.” Yeah.. uhh.. no.

Perplexed and bewildered,

Jounrneys 1:17 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

im at the “accept me/pick me” in my college career.

I was lost but now I am found! Thanks and God bless!!

Wow! It’s really helpful.

Greed is a dog; falsehood is a filthy street-sweeper. Cheating is eating a rotting carcas

Tony you are the best. Even after 9 years of this video

I cant write for any eassy like you pls help me,, bcoz only 20 days for my exam.. i want to clear for 6.5 band enough pls help pls help……

Howdy yall im from taxes!!!!!!!!!

Best professor ever.. you make HR more simple and easy ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks SIR

Thank you this is excellent. chuck freeman

This guy talking about the effect of young thugger not anything about how and why or if this was damn well intentional. youtubers commentators mad becuase they dont like being analysed like subjects but truth is if u listen to music u have been effected and that is open to examination. well done again, this was an intelligent analysis

I’d like to know how non native speakers deal with jargons, phasal verbs, slangs and business lingo, if all of these things are made of words that doesn’t mean individually what it means together, they can’t understand by the context because theses stuffs are out of the context. How to solve the issue?

Que bien gona gracias por la nueva serie me encanto

Lack of knowledge, lack of education, lack of teaching….I am a dark skin West Indian from Guyana and I find this documentary repulsive. I’m so furious with Indians – I believe they are the worst group of ppl that promote self hate within themselves. Regardless of skin color-they are all one ppl “Indians”. Darker the berry sweeter the juice… I’m always attracted to a darker skin tone especially in men just my preference.. Be proud of who you are and love yourself. We are all God’s children!!!!

The penny just dropped.. nice… thanks!



What about “The order of things”?

It’s too grey and not colorful

Steve jobs is dead whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

That country next to England spoke WELSH, not English

Omg… I also do shower conversation, and kitchen conversation too. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

Thank you!!

I love this so much! It’s adorable!

Grrrr, indeed, we need both of what those two types of people do. We need science to innovate, dicover new idea…, To make our life better, easy and exciting. On the other hand, we need equality to make sure that nobody get oppress anyhow, and everybody get their rights which may be obvious.

Im not coming down on the interviewer… I just think he happens to be a great example of the intelligent folks of the younger generations. There are gaps there… times when their knack for data processing and coding leave a void in more broader and humanistic intellect.

Azucarilla confirmado jajajaja (ojala xd)


This is me when I’m writing a paper and have to make it so confusing that the teacher just gives up and give me that A

Thank you so much. You explain very good, not complicated!!!

you’re obsessed with masturbation and porn and its obvious nobody wants to work in your hell.



This is amazing

More fake news…

Surely trying to find meaning in something absurd is even more absurd than characters finding meaning in an absurd piece of art?

Hello! what do you mean by 15% and 2% interest rates?

He sounds like a sneaky sociopath who owes the Russians big time.

2 assistance (calling my banners)

I forgot what I was watching. I don’t think this is the best approach lol

Idk wtf everyone else talkin bout but good job charlemagne, i cant believe the other two didnt help you out more that guys a piece of shit

WTF is RUSE? Most innovative RTS out there?

This is stupid

Mr bruff please make video on how to ace AS LEVEL commentry cambridge. please

You are God.!!! The truth will set You free.!!! The story of Your freedom – computers and robots are tools best tools, AI (artificial intelligence) computers and robots will do everything for everyone, everyone needs help and independence, best of all robots work for free – utopia.!!! Robots will be in house doctors, dentists, engineers, scientists, inventors, bricklayers, carpenters, make and run businesses and farms, vericle farms, everything, generate money, capital and productivity like never before – the acceleration of science and technology.!!! Best defense against robot is another robot superior

He predicted Game of Thrones!!! 12:29

Every time he speaks, he proves to me that he’s a pathological liar.

I went to elementary school in the early ’70’s in Elmira just south of Ithaca. We used to hitchhike up to Cornell on the weekends to beat the shit out of the seniors and finger-bang The Chi Omegas. It was the ’70’s. We were 8 year old Catholic school bad boys tripping on Window Pane and we hated you Cornell pussies.

Wow, I’m surprised The Diary of Anne Frank didn’t make it. 0_0 Not blaming WatchMojo because I know they didn’t really get much of a say but I’m shocked that not many of the voters mentioned it

Thug top 5 currently

I wonder what dr seuss books would be like if he made them today “listen you bitch ass elephant, i hope your fatass goes deaf and catches mad cow disease.”

I’m learning Turkish language on my own also want to learn French and Italiano. I know Spanish and English. I’m looking at Korean movies and could understand. If I watch Italian movie I could understand too. He is on point โ˜๏ธ

Been there, I feel this mans pain. I broke myself from a southern accent. Oil is one of the tougher words for sure.

“Do it now bitch…”

Who else has to watch this for school



But why does the price go up as the quantity goes up?

Lao Tzu gets me.

I’m here because Xisuma just talked about this on his stream. I’ve not seen your videos before. Subbed

Codes :

Come on the walking dead is way more worthy

This is amazing

Expect this difference to somehow colour their production of knowledge in some ‘queer’ way.

Quite usefull information xD xD

Spotify release pls

All this to say the nigga freestyles

I was really expecting crash course to have a more critical stance. Maybe this seems balanced to an american 30+ years after Reagan, to a european it’s bordering capitalist propaganda.

And stop sending those low caste eastward, stop racist between indians.

Sir aap tution dete ho kya….

Why can’t you be mine teacher!


Could I use, I still overwhelmingly…………….

To runs Business.. Country or Anything well….

You decide your end destination it’s Heaven or Hell. Your either with Jesus Christ or you depart from Him. It will not be easy to follow after Jesus Christ but stay loyal even unto death and your reward will be great in heaven.

Eccentric, and has a strange obsession of hatsโ€ฆ.I hope she doesnโ€™t wear



This works well!

No one wants you to be happy. Others only can judge you. That’s why only we can find our life purpose.

You’re very welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

And simply say “sorry, but I can’t talk about that”

So the only free speech that matters is when it’s something you personally agree with – everything else should be banned? Not because it’s PC, that’s only when they tell to stop, but because it’s “liberal whining” or “bitching” etc…

People are individuals, not groups. the behavior of gender is defined as a personal issue, not a “must-follow” norm.


In addition to this, we have the Planck lenght. Anything smaller than it is essentially not possible, below it, differences in any way are said to be impossible. This means it is, by today’s knowledge, the smallest width and height any line could ever have. But this makes it impossible to fit an infinite number of lines in a sphere.

Go Kurt Vonnegut.

I really liked that! Everything great, like the Home. Thanks a lot



You are so correct on universal grammar. I’ve heard many linguists who are so dismissal of the complexities of grammar and believe that it’s superficial in our language cognition processes, and think it’s only our expectations of the culture that shape how we think in the language. This just isn’t true. The research done in linguistic relativity, for example, by Lera Boroditsky, has found done some fascinating research in this field, which shows just how much language can affect our thought.

Her doggy career will end very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

You are determined to recieve what you recieve.

Me encanta ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

And how i can fire robots from a planet to another?



When he say you will be tired of winning

There is no word for thank you in dothraki. Do wtf did you say at the end.

Donโ€™t be blinded, by his business success

What I wonder is: Are there any languages other than Icelandic where people speak in whole sentences while inhaling? We do that sometimes. It’s mostly done by women expressing shock or particularly juicy gossip. I’ve asked around and so far I know of no other people that speak in entire sentences while inhaling.

I’m native America and we believe we should honor Mother Earth this is not our land we borrow this land in exchange we take care of the earth and Mother Earth lets us live here we take care of land for future generations to be able to live better on this earth than us

He speaks like a guy selling Pirellis Miracle elixir


Alright at least three of these were sarcastic and while I’m pretty sure I could tell the difference, there’s a high probability that I still missed it a few times.

Many thanks, Ben!! Your insights about getting into the HR field are clear, helpful, and very encouraging. FYI – I am in a career transition, and I have identified HR as the next chapter in my life. Take care and good luck on all of your work! ~ Richard Jenkins (former teacher and education consultant.)

El tipo del principio a la izquierda bailando, me hace mucha gracia xD

I found waldo

I would rather not do anything about it and just let it all play out.

Great Viddeo!!!!

407 pedants…


Best RTS game ever in terms of Military cleverness and Tactics (and not any other nonsense criterion) is definitely C&C Generals ZH…. This game REALLY pushes you to the limit. Me and my friend are experts (or we claim so) we used to play it after every course exam (being college students) sometimes we play a match for 6 continous hours.

“lies the treasure you seek.” You mean “HOLDS the treasure you seek.”

But Our Government openly