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Thank you very much for this video but i am still having a problem with the meaning of snthesis, hypothesis and how variables work in research project

There are too many variables that I am aware of and not aware of to answer your question, sorry.


I wish The Picture of Dorian Gray was on the list, but i guess that’s just my preference.

I must be very frustrated to come here as a German student preparing for the A level exams!

I don’t know why, but I howled and had tears from laughter from the thumbnail

Fashion stylist or designer lol wbu? x

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So I just read 2 pages in my textbook on this and it bored the shit out of me and I didn’t get it because I was half-thinking about some Seinfeld episode I saw the other day (the one where Jerry’s girlfriend is a non-laugher) so I come on YouTube and in 2 and half minutes I completely understand the concept………..

Federal Funds Rate

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In the 1980s you would be called crazy if you thought robots would take over the world. In the 2020s this way of thinking will be common.

When Santorini Exploded in 1.500 B. C. the Mycenaeans took control of the Aegean Sea and Greek Peninsula.


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Am i the only one having trouble with his hard accent and the garbage sound quality

Tears…but we as a human race still endure!!! Thank you for your concern and recognition that the human element still exists. Thank you for reminding us we all need to respect one another!! IN Lak” ech ( I am you and you are me) Maya – “You are my other me. If I do harm to you, I do harm to myself. If I love and respect you, I love and respect myself.” Pensamiento Serpentino – Luis Valdez (1971)

Still laughing

But calling Butler’s concept of performativity ‘banal’ is really underestimating the creepy,



When you increase your voice it was like a real teacher is in front of me.

Omggg that’s so crazy, I applied to Lancaster because I had no idea what to put as my 5th, the course looked amazing but I’ve never been and have no idea what it’s like 😂😂


Love books? Then you’ll love Literary Gentlemen! Come check out our book reviews and discussions!

Remember when this video wouldn’t leave the front page of youtube? Those were the good old days!

The core problem here is that history is dangerously manipulable. For Foucault ideals of ‘history lessons re-purposed’ to work the study of history cannot be driven by political, financial or romantic agenda…

Jack has changed (with enthusiasm and loudness) a lot over the years


This was so helpful!!! you do so well to keep your channel going through all of your exams i know i couldn’t do it. please do a maths one next week! xxxx

This video is terrific! Theme is so hard to teach, and I love how, although your approach is step-by-step, it’s not just an algorithm–it requires a ton of critical thinking and reflection. I am going to use this strategy with my fourth grade students. Thank you for sharing, I think your students are lucky to have you.


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Interesting that Trump really can flush out the elitist bigots out there. Good to read what they thing of those lesser than them. The modern version of feudal aristocracy—not sounding so noble in this era. Peasants won’t tolerate their abuses much longer.

Hi there, I just subscribed to your youtube channel. Please do the same for me, thanks!

U speaks of Buddhism even better than some practicing Buddhist i knew.

Unless of course you give it a consciousness and take it through the motions of a human life. Then you might get something similar to a human mind.

2) how many halpy pills did she have to huff to agree with this brainchild of a trainwreck?

Like a person fleeing a fire saying he has “put out” the fire

The only difference I can garner from her differentiation of gender performativity and gender performance is that gender performativity is less concrete in that it produces the effects of consolidating an impression rather than enacting a specified role as with gender performance. Is this correct?

They took our jobs!!!



Lovely! where was this during my college days

I linked this in my bio on instagram! How is his work not shown in schools and used for education?


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Im loving this series!

WE CREATED OURS. What we see today is that some people have the interest in forcing through globally a pouring together, mixing these realities. Mixing the sweet with the salty. I dont think that will be a good combination of taste.

From now on, i will believe in myself no matter what or how people will think of me.

The essay we submit to college applications is a creative essay?

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Thank you for the videos but please stop this [and woman] BS! Are you guys freaking feminists?

Shitty face of Hinduism.

Great way to write itntro thanks for your share (y)

Implement this device, as well or pay discriminatory taxes.

Ye gonplei ste oden. ju stre jus dau.

Ohhhh so that’s why I kept thinking Peter’s face looked more orange in GotG2

Dalits are beautiful to me. I don’t understand it.

How to improve YOUR writing skills.

4:52 honestly I feel like a lot of these graphs and concepts can be more easily understood with a bit of calculus, but I understand why you want to avoid that. By knowing about stuff like concavity and integrals I feel like I have a more intuitive understanding of the graphs than if I didn’t know any calculus.

Cuando ahora odias a los humanos

I watch this every time I have to do a research paper which is every 8 weeks.

Are they from Harvard? Wow, they didn’t read Michael Walzer and his “Dirty Hands dilemmas” is a handbook of every smart human being: indispensable. They don’t read, they just offer their opinion like a tabloid man(women).

Please upload video in 720p hd



You don’t have a duty to try and save people.

@happylearner Even if it is an inside job it mirrors your emotions. So if you are selfish unto your own reality your own negativity will flow back to you. Reality, be it objective or subjective, has a feedback mechanism. The objective and the subjective are the same thing, which is infinite probability experiencing itself forever. Yes, there is just you, you are consciousness, part of the greater consciousness system, but you’re not living all of yourself at once, unless you transcend ego.

Ich bin Kanadier, also Weiß ich Englisch.

Fantastic video! So relevant in the age of social media. This is quite simply the direction human consciousness is moving these ways.

Did i just have a class in 7mins..? Much thanks Derek!

…what about porn stars

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Bing translates to klingon

Machine: “Well after hearing you fire Guy 2, I learned that machines are better at owning other machines than any human can. I’ve bought out all the machines you own and now the machine is in control of them. Haha.”

I knew it! i knew u were gonna say that -,-

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Side Note: The Borough of Brooklyn is also Kings Country while the borough of Queens is Queens County. We all know that A King trumps a Queen. Eat your heart out donny that you are not a King nor will you ever be.

If wou hire great people and have them stay working for you, you have to let them… > insert win <

Can you do some videos on The Scarlet Letter?

I’m German and I don’t have any problems speaking American English without an accent. I recorded myself to test it and compared it with native speakers who recorded the same sentences. Also, people always tell me that they didn’t know that I’m German once they find out where I’m from.

I love the whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same

Speechless Who needs Sparkznotes

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Im getting dizzy trying to comprehend this..

Kyle, I never claimed to know the ‘individual stressors of a current college student’. What I do know is that an balanced view is usually a composite of such subjective data combined with objective data gained by viewing the matter from a detached perspective.combine this with more complete data from which to draw reasonable inferances about the whole, & you then start to approach a wise conclusion.



Southern u mean country? lmao 😂😂

We vote politician with lower voice. Then we had Mr. Trump

Mr. Clifford, what is your long term aim in this Youtube journey of yours? Are you planning to have a tutor website academy or just Youtube vids?

You guys should make an algebra 1 playlist.

Heey are you doing the papper tomoz? urghh! me too, and i really dont no what to write about could you help me for example like language techniques

Batman didn’t kill the joker because if he did he would give joker the ultimate win, the joker believed that anyone have a certain breaking point and breaks his own rule. Also batman said if he killed joker he would never come back from killing.

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Amazing talk. Loved every second.

PROBLEM SOLVED; Ask yes/no questions, and if she won’t choose, insult her and kick her segment. she NEEDS to be on those shows, it’s her job. when she can’t book interviews, she fired.

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NNP@fc etc) ki definitions pr bna do…

Thanks man! This is helpful! 🙂

He is right about it opening doors to other cultures though, just by understanding a language you already feel like you understand the people speaking it and their culture so much better, it helps get a better grip on their perspective and can definitely be a bridge to understanding and befriending different people 🙂



Basically I am a private, overly self-critical, introvert. I can confirm this true.

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They didnt mention stellaris or star wars empire at war >:(

It be retarded if we don’t go out together and make love in a secret room during a diwali ♡


An interesting documentary, courtesy of the BBC department of propaganda. The conclusion? Another 4 billion people on the planet will be fine! Keep on breeding because economic growth will save us all again! Don’t worry, have a baby, just change a few light bulbs and don’t go on the plane for your holidays. Ohh and whatever you do don’t mention the mass extinction of thousands of other living things on the planet, just think about you and your kin. He doesn’t mention

Trump is the exemplar of the broken electoral mechanism in America — so how long will we be stuck with him?

A handsome and suave linguistics nerd? What manner of sorcery is this??

Pg 15 granth hsiab

Boys lips are so damn chap. put sum vaseline or sum chap stick.

P. s I’m English and made the same joke about someone else with English school references. I don’t have much idea about the American school system… Did I use it right?

Your ugly

Damn we need letty

Prince Ea for president 2020

Its just biology it isnt some sort of conspiracy. STEM phd’s require very high IQ’s probably in the 99.99th percentile at least. and its just a biological fact that male IQ’s have significantly more variance than female IQ’s. thats why you see many more male geniuses but also many more males on the lower end of the spectrum as well. Of course with a population of billions there are going to be many millions of incredibly intelligent women individuals. but when you are discussing societal “problems” like a perceived lack of women in STEM fields you have to look at Biology and statistics for your answer before you run to the structural violence answer. Ive never met a scientist who didn’t admire Marie Curie just as much as say Niels Bohr. but its just a fact that Marie Curie’s are rarer than Bohrs just based on biology



E. g. Concerns about religion, employment, capitalist agenda, linked groups with alternative agendas. Typical response is: ‘racist’ and will not entertain opposing views, keep on pushing own harmfull agenda.


This video needs more fucking views

Oooh if only you didn’t talk so fast….

Best full India documentary I found, images and sounds amazing

You are really amazing….

That was a great animation!

So sad they discriminate their own people, so hateful.


His videos are so inspiring to do something but yet so sad because everything he is saying is true so plz prince ea make a video about how one pearson can make a difference

This is so dumb

Thank you so much. Your videos help me a lot

I thank you so much for the video, it was incredibly useful!

No novels by Jane Austin, no Hemmingway, not even Gone With the Wind? You need to do another top 10 list.

Similarly, foreign languages often have different concepts. For instance, they might have 5 words for saying no depending on the context (for being polite), have here/there/yonder (the latter English lost) or some weird cases, or a gender for objects….

But if you’re deferring, you still applied via UCAS this year? Ready to do your admissions test tomorrow?

What Butler really does is promoting an ideology; it is the ideology that QUEER IS GOOD and STRAIGHT IS BAD, and SUGGESTS that queer is innate, and that straight is a result of social pressures.

Really great and helpful video but the gentleman speaks too fast.

Are you English Teacher?

Shout out to as I lay dying tho



My dna revealed I’m related to these people. they’re my direct ancestors. so awesome.

Carlos, call me (◕‿-)

If we eat chickens, why not dogs, dolphins, or babies?

Can you please give the presentation that how to end or how to write conclusion to finish the essay.

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Imagine his exgirlfriend watching this

“size and speed very important for a certain activity”

I hope they sponsor you, this is the third time I’ve watched you play a new game and needed to play it immediately

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There is no evidence that any of these activities ever produce positive results.

this is the much-promoted message, and the Reimer case was crucial in pushing this narrative.

I am learning Spanish and my biggest problem so far is I cant roll my R’s

Fun fact this helps with sleeping too!

I’m multilingual since young. I never know what it’s like to speak only one language, sometimes I wonder what it’s like because language affects us in many ways. Living in a country of many languages, sometimes if you say something in a different language and the person replies in another language, they still understand each other xD

Its a great pleasure

Huw can you suput hilla-e sandhas!



Haplogroup R1a is found IN INDIA AND SOUTH ASIA AND NOWHERE ELSE! R1a is found even among tribals and different caste groups in India/South Asia

We watched that in school.🎥

Aww, but I don’t want to be annihilated! Dx

Ya dejenlo el solo iso una pregunta ya sea tonta o no pero hay gente que solo ve comentarios para insultar y no digan que yo tambien checo los comentarios solo que vi esa pregunta y le puse que si en plan buena gente pero veo que nadie de aqui tiene buenos modales y solo por que asen eso de insultar si ni siquiera el los insulto



Trump sounds like NO ONE in my family, thank you. Trump sounds more like an unhinged, confused con artist, a New York sharpie. sorry, He has the vocabulary of a 4th grader, and, yes, he appeals to the uneducated, the common citizen, the lowest common denominator. Lady, we do NOT ALL speak like this bozo! Are you delusional? DJT is, in my opinion, the direct opposite of what a US President should be, in every way, not only in his speech.

Good one. but the commands are in German, I believe. Is there an English one available? thanks though

This guy buys a 2 million dollar record, but doesn’t help his mom get out of a janitor job?

Its a difficult game, some of you need to calm the heck down tbh stop making a big deal over tiny mistakes.

I’m dumb. Is there a pill for me?

る。真空は無ではなく霊の集合である。 量子力学は光が粒子と波の2面性を持ったものと


“‘you’ve got to be kidding me,’ the bouncer said, crossing his arms across his massive chest.”

Thank you so much, u r very good young teacher

Boy, your Plato is WAY off.


A bit too focused on the positive contributions for me…



Its a full priced game, why would it not be.

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Can you do writing techniques we must know for analysing? And poetry?

This what happen when u let white people in the culture

Sir mbs ko class pani start garnu pareo its my humble request 2 u

Humans in a nutshell.

So glad i came across this channel 🙂

Thanks For The Video. Its really informative. The way you explained its really good. But it would be better or very helpful if the topics were in sequence like Scope of economics, nature of economics in an order…


C=”to be when you are applying for a job”=”to be + adv” .

Great idea, mcpartridgeboy. We’ll ban people suffering from bipolarity from procreating. But why stop there? Perhaps we can sterilize the mentally disabled? Reinstate Naziism’s Final Solution? Promote slavery? Maybe you’d be better off spending less time blaming others for your issues and more time taking responsibility yourself, you self-indulgent, entitled prat. Good luck.

A bit too fast

If it is that invisible that we cant notice, does it even exist?

Anybody else here because they couldn’t get past the (first sentence) of one of Judith’s writings so they were hoping YouTube could help…. yeah, that’d be me… 🙁

Thanks you really helped, I have to write a persuasive letter to Theresa May, saying that us kids should have longer holidays XD