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Frodo is a hobbit not human

This is so fucking fascinating to me.

Thanks, it was helpful and useful too. I appreciate your help, I hope to discover more from you, especially on listening section 4 (hints, tricks, ,,),

Assume k is in this sequence. If k is for example the 1650th number in our progression, then we look at it’s 1650’th digit. We haven’t created that digit yet, so here we take a look at our possibilities:

What about Game of Thrones?????

‘When we hear Donald Trump speaks’? Really, this person is a linguist?

“The truth resists simplicity.”

He basically told the story of zelda

Read Now Please

I’m doing a-levels at the moment and I have no interest in English anymore but i’m still watching this video aha xx

For example if the name of a person is Zoran in the vocative it would not be ”hej Zoran” (hey Zoran) it would be ”hej ZoranE”…It changes…If the noun is ”brat” (brother) it would be ”hej bratE” etc. 🙂

Nevertheless it’s a film worth watching for sure 😊

Exactly. And there are an awful lot of people who are woefully ignorant of some very basic English grammar and spelling (and other) rules.

Thank you Miss Liz, but the words were very small and crowded

Yea more income 11,849,105

Anyway, I don’t think feminism has anything to do with equality anymore.

You’re awesome really good teacher… :>

Lastly, are the men who AGAIN have the state of Mind, BUT on different paradigm as that of. They emphasize on the separation of their inner from the outside. They realize the “link” of INTELLIGENT WILL, connecting their inner Self and outside world or Prakriti, making them best fit to ACTUALLY bring visible change in this world.




Pretty good! Thanks!

In summary, from the analysis given, it is clear that attaining a healthy body is a culmination of exercising, eating right, leading stress free lifestyle as well as properly hydrating ourselves through proper daily fluid intakes.

This should be Modern EducaShaym

2. You said kapla in a way too happy of a manner for Klingon… Makes it sound fucking weird.

Love Alex!

2. You said

So now we should look for the new form of energy that will unite more of us. In a way I see it happening, with trade agreements and places considered the same such as “Muslim world” or “western world” or the “east” example is the Paris attacks United many westerners from many nations of course the entire world came to France’s tragedy but I feel as if the west felt it more. So a type 1 would unite us all

Is he John green?

At this point i give 0 fucks about the world. i’ll just live throught this shit and die. nothing matters but people still care about other people.

My favorite one of all time

Why is the title in portuquease

In spain most of us are bilingual since born, bc we live in regions that have 2 oficial languages and in school they teach us with both languages. Then we learn english and french/portughese. For some people it’s still considered a handycap to be bilingual (with thoose regional languages like catalan or euskera) even some politicians said that it’s pointless to teach those lenguages. What do u think?


This mans a gansta, his real name is Clarence…

Everyone type in the chat Alex is a stupid

This linguistician is both banal and naive. Drumpf uses ‘Believe me..’ to preface some utterance that is going to be a breathtakingly egregious LIE even by his standards.



I got too attached to that bird


One word amazing!

3:33 actually you are being timed. There’s just no set time to complete the game in

THANK YOU the screamo analogy is a perfect way to explain it

Im a littel kid i love this show!😂

No matter how certain of what you think now, it all turns to dust in the end.

I added the Floating University to my Universities on Facebook. These lectures, from these amazing teachers are great. I feel like I can satisfy my craving for knowledge without paying out of the ears for it.

Great video! EPIC artwork by Krill there! Really standout stuff.

a. – a severe recession.

Genny i just want to say i love your channel but please dont play this game

Alright, two more pages left on my motivator

Very interesting video.

But hey i’m not a native speaker so what do i know.

You guys are to happy to be teaching economics, we need the cold hard stare of John Green :,(

Don’t use there is. But then at 5:00 she herself used it.. This is “very” confusing and I “don’t” understand it.

Hmko na bahut naya words use karne ka shock hai, ex~head-cap


If it has ever been,

Quite a good talk. Really inspiring!!

( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)

It’s all for the sauce.

I’ve been trying to write a novel for the past 7 months, but I’ve barely gotten any work done until now. Thank you, these pieces really helped me out! Got six chapters done today. 🙂

This is gr8



Can you plz do Sicario??

P. s would you every do any lessons on Lord Of The Flies? Or some more on poetry?

Ma’am thank you soo much for helping students world wide.


Jodie your tha bestest…have a 3 scoop ice cream

Humans has the chance to create a great civilazation on planet earth but the system of money wars and celebrity its taking us far away to achieve this goal so sad sorry my bad english

Its nice to the children like me..

I don’t use my teeth when saying D or T…am I doing it wrong? xD

Racist ass interviewers.

George Lucas was heavily inspired by Joseph Campbell when he wrote Star Wars.

First time i ever cried because of a video, I have no words, without a doubt the most positive man I have ever seen in my life!

Will never forget this amazing parrot. It just blew me away the 1st time I saw this on t. v., when he asked for “soft corn” instead of the dry, hard corn. RIP Alex.

Thank you so much for your amazing videos. You taught me all the things so perfectly in just 29 minutes which I actually learnt in 4 years of undergraduation. May God bless you with more success and knowledge.

Música de verdad!!

I never read Romeo and Juliet, but, I watched the movie. Poor mind of me.

How did they predict the future?

Hello, friends, I’m well and I hope you all of fine,

Well, if movies like GOTG 2 they’ve improved with color grading. Check it out, it’s so colorful

Ok sir

Eric looks like Mr. Shew from Glee

Shout out to Chopin’s e minor at 6:00

Or we just use our new robot slaves as slaves and we all reap the rewards. instead of you going to work you send your android that represents you. it makes money. you get the money, you sleep in till 12 and go to the aristocratic ball or some shit,



He even aroused great curiosity in Henry david thoreau great curiosity in India and transcendentalism. in his own words on

Me: ok lets write this essay, ok il just grab some music

Hello! what do you mean by 15% and 2% interest rates?

I want my hemi V8 ..!! Fuck that

Its damn awesome! i have seen many videos and listened live classes then too didn’t understand! Your explanation skills is marvelous!👌thanks💐

What if I believe that Jim should say yes to the soldier, then turn the gun on the soldiers and take out as many as he can? What philosophy would that fall in to?

>When your teacher can’t teach and Mr. Clifford IS your only econ teacher.-.

I like watchmen


She’s a political moron–he uses “believe me” when he lies. Someone pointed out this “tell” early on–one of those who know him–Mark Cuban or Bloomberg…. He’s consistent about it, like any con man. He inherited a govt FAR from “a mess.”


12:35 Can anyone please explain how this guy justified point? as there will be only 5 healthy hearts, which should be inadequate for six people?


…that technology can “save” us…

How we getting screwed, a crash course. Hehe

When are we going to get a video on The Big “The Dude Abides” Lebowski?

Hey mam u are very helpful for me in economics can you also plzzz make videos of history of 12 std it would be really nice for me… are doing a good job…thank you so much mam

Did anyone notice the Gallifrayin? Gallifraian? Galli-Gallifar – The language of the Timelords there on the right?

2. Avoid: there are / there is

I want to learn Spanish so badllyyyyyy!

Evolving language lmao

I LOVE this game! I hope they keep updating the game!

I just to be in love with anything Indian. But after watching this types of documentaries…..

!! What about the non-traditional jobs and consumers? I understand production is a big part of the economy, but can you answer, where does the scientist fit in?



The lesion is excelent.


Is the entire discipline of anthropology a hoax?

4:00 yay, Polish! (my mother language)

I speak 5 languages: German, English, French, Spanish and Korean

A Paradigm is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behavior…and almost all of our behavior is habitual.

Frodo is a hobbit xD

Espectacular!!! Una obra maestra

There is a girl from my high school years I’ve been wanting to track down for years, but I can’t remember her name at all. We never dated, though I had a bit of a crush. Mainly I just want to see who she has become.

Fuck faces

You are amazing.

Helps out.

Please do Sula. I’m so confused on what’s going on. I literally need someone to analyze what the birds have to do with Sula or Eva. I want to know if it has magical realism. I’m even curious about the differences between Sula and Nel. Please help. Thanks and I love your videos they have helped me through high school.

Starbucks CEO pitched over 200 times to get his first loan for the coffee company.

Thankyou so much sir very nice lecture. it is very useful for us.

And how to palliate this ill.

He claimed the mentally ill were seen as ‘touched by God’. More often they were believed to ‘be possessed by a demon’.

F. Scott. Fitzgerald (This side of paradise)

Freestyle on dis..

Sick n cursed u r

So please keep going on!



Mother F##ker

She’s wrong. No relative of mine speaks like this. Nobody I KNOW speaks like this unless it’s a six year old child trying to convince me he didn’t eat the cake even though his face is covered in chocolate and the cake was found under his bed.

Washington Compost, why dont you concentrate on REAL NEWS for a change, More Jobs, More prosperity, Health Bill, Tax Cuts


Was this frightening to him at first when the sentence in his head wasn’t the one that he spoke? Or he doesn’t even know he doesn’t make sense. Actually I think you wrote that he is aware of it… It’s so nice that he has a positive attitude. Is his brain affected in other ways, like – he has a firm grip on reality and all, right, he’s just unable to understand what people say and to form logical sentences to describe his normal thoughts? or are his thoughts jumbled also? is he confused? Sorry, it’s just fascinating—and scary as hell…

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Why would you add music?

Est ce qu’il prend bcp de ressources j’ai un pc pourri

They seem insane.

My chanel HR

I speak English, Arabic, Russian and Japanese…

4. Doctor with five patients and one unwitting “donor” – Let the five die. By killing the one guy who just came in for a check-up you would be doing irreparable damage to the implicit bond of trust between doctors and patients. People who might already be hesitant to visit their doctors might well end up avoiding them altogether out of the (thanks to you) reasonable fear that they might be cannibalised for spare parts. The long term outcome would be a massive increase in harm that would affect all of society.

The video addresses a lot of the problem of students today, but I see a lot of them as self-inflicted. If you didn’t buy that laptop, you wouldn’t have to work so much. If you didn’t watch so much TV and spend so much time on Facebook, maybe you’d be doing better in school, etc.

My steps are just:

Really helped me on my essay 🙂

That’s for the Early Release no the full game…

Thank you!!!

Yes that is a good book. Stick with law enforcement experts over people like Paul Ekman. Microexpressions are nonsense from everything I’ve seen. Also focus on verbal analysis if you can find good law enforcement texts on that topic

I think he just taught me more in 6 minutes than 2 weeks of my lectures did..

This just makes me do my homework without me even realizing it. I just get to work.

So… what abut Canada.. its English and French

Patient your best effort.

I also really like what Stephen said when he stated – “When you’re in the grips of a manic episode, you don’t really believe that other people exist, YOU are the centre of YOUR universe” – sums up mania completely.



Ouch! Adding more goods doesn’t add more insight? The oversimplification that takes place by looking at two goods markets is one of the major critique of certain economic models. But still, very well made


Who else is just here to listen to some good music?

I love u

In nahuatl we have something similar, but I’m not sure if it’s the same.

Flaubert’s Parrot by Julian Barnes (in your pants)

Who is watching in 2016

(- _ -)

Ambien, concerta, prozac? A sedative, an amphetamine, and an antidepressant? For a manic kid?

I love the way this video is put together! Great opening lines too!

But good video thanks, even helps me learn my British revision.

The bridge that connects Windsor Canada and Detroit USA is private.

The question that rises is:

All I could think of was the scientific aspect of these experiments. Then I saw the pretty girl…. can’t…….focus…….



Dear humanity.

Ah lame but true

Byzantium by Stephen R. Lawhead

Evolving language lmao

A woman playing bob Dylan? Who’s bright idea was that? Still got their job?

I love when he destroyed Justin Bieber in a rap battle. It was epic

Seems like a great professor, great talk but he should had defined or at least led someone on into defining what ‘morals’ and morality is. Morally, killing and/or eating another human being is incorrect; no matter if consent was given or not – it is wrong. Morality has nothing to do with consent or no consent. If any, consent would have more of a say about the situation in legal matters and terms – lawfully. This would had changed the whole field of view and better questionings and answers would had been brought into the conversation, but this is a great method of teaching; it gets the class into thinking! I love it, Harvard and their way of teaching and sessions; Got me raising my hand waiting to be called on.

Was I the only one yelling “USE THE JUMP” at jack throughout the whole video???

Amazing speaker and amazing talk!

This video helped me to grasp the concept better and I got a good laugh. I love this!

I love this edit style


It very much depends on your method and your data. The method in these four videos just compares basic word lists. Applied more broadly, this method may merge with a kind of lexicostatistics.

THis how ever, is the shittiest shitting on ones fanbase.

What if Chomsky needs the book all the way at the bottom? One-person Jenga game.

Awwwwwwwwwwwww young jack




Did you ask the question if men were on the shirt and a woman was wearing it would it have sparked the same controversy????????


So glad to see that somebody questioned that, but why stop at “Evil”. What about “Love” too? Extensionality? Maybe not but its the best universal definition i have come across so far. I only ever heard that from one person, a Mr Jacque Fresco.

I tabbed out for a second to check out one of the books and came back to cookie clicker. I was like “Wait, I don’t remember clicking on this video?”.

Best video

YES THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE BY FAR. Keep up the good work! 😀

Porque sera que todos los escenarios se sentran en ciudades ÁRABES SERA QUE NUESTRA HUMANIDAD TIENE MUCHO QUE VER EN ESTAS TIERRAS COMO TAL.

I’ve been looking for a way to take notes in class on my computer but when there’s a curve I don’t know how to draw it on Word. What is the thing you’re writing on to draw on the screen like that? Is there something I can use to draw curves and stuff into my word program? Thank you!

HI Liz, Thanks a lot for your helpful videos. Finally, out of many I found your methods very easy and your lessons very helpful. I followed your introduction part of Writing task 2 but couldn’t find the paragraph writing. Could you please help?

That dog is probably dead by licking that oil so often..

I really want to eat this parrot

Thats what scares me. At least now I can think straight… but tomorrow? Work, money, debt, social norms, repressioj of love, its all going to desensithyse my mind. I feel like I am as doomed as the others. The same terrible fate awaits for all, and I cannot fight against it. We wrre raised on extreme individualism. There is no more “staying togrther”. I dont know what we up to, but this whole ‘project’ is insane: misery power fake plastic trees shameless replication of life reduced to monotony and slow death.

You saved me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for this video

Dear Paul, happy new year 🙂 (Now it’s Chinese New Year :DDD)

First of all You don’t know about Iran and definitely the Iran builders like Pahlavi Kings. So keep your negative comments for yourself. Pahlavi kings were the best ever happened to Iran.

Never gonna give u my dogs buthole

Anyone else notice that Envy aint say special guest LOL