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Best part of the movie was this gentleman’s learning, message and remorse. [3:59]

I really liked the last book (no book at all)

Hinduism is not a religion it is a false political order with a foundation of a pyramid scheme to enfranchised over a 1/3 of the population. How does the Western World call India the “largest” Democracy? That is a lie. Why isn’t the World Court, United Nations etc., speaking loud about these Human Rights Violations?

Please upload video in 720p hd

My dream is to go to mit and becone an engineer but not the bad kind i want to nake reusboe materials, solar/ battery powered vechiles for land space and sea i wabt to expand human life to other planets not to leach planets but to buuld new homes that stand green. planets with no fyel buring no eco destruction i want to create a world reborn i have the ideas i know how to work them i do not have the resources but i will do what i need to to get them i will make this change

Thanks for the kind words, Joseph. They are appreciated. Let me know anything else you need.

Why couldn’t EA leave Westwood Studios alone.

6-9 page paper due in 3 hours. Haven’t started.

Mam i have vocabulary problem. what should i do to improve it bcz i don’t remeber complex words too long

I have my moccs tomorrow lets see if its the same paper. Clinging onto that hope

You just stay and think how world is bad becouse of this video


Charlamagne a dumbass.

Moreover scientists are very rational, evidence-based researchers,

Got through the whole video and wrote drum roll please THREE SENTENCES! WHOOOOO GO ME

We’d just spent a lesson learning about utilitarianism so we all said yes, and my teacher said that was the problem with it, that it had convinced a class of 13 year old girls that torturing an innocent child is okay.

What about my teacher in the third grade literally needed a microscope to see also it depends but it’s mostly miniature

Hey, great video thanks! I would personally start off with the supply shifting left diagram but that’s just me. If anyone’s dreading the essay, it’s very similar to taxation! It’s a cost to the business, that’s the basic principle.

MC Kristian

Dude as a programmer majoring in game design, I wish I had this game when I was first learning programming! This is an amazing tool, awesome!

I feel like the May Bird trilogy of books (May Bird and the Ever After, May Bird Among the Stars, and May Bird: Warrior Princess) by Jodi Lynn Anderson are criminally underrated! Everyone should definitely read them.

Ma cave of horror 1 mg acid

This guy is so overrated.



India and their bows and arrows stopped working due to the high

You can use language to create a brand? In short he is a bullshit spewing con artist who appeals to the uneducated, caveman sexist, trailer park wanna be successful like Trump but the blacks have taken the opportunities that will lead me out of poverty, racists.


Its that simpleton

His voice doesn’t mach his body

I didn’t know that Dennis Reynolds is a dialect coach.

My handwriting is none of these…

This is better than ______

Thanks man

The wrong things and the bad things,

What a cuck you are



19:00 absolutely spot on! When we have so-called “gpod” lives, and yet still feel bad, we tend to say “Get, some things not right, I have everything I could want, and yet I feel horrible”, and we tend to seek help.

Come on already: All it takes is to be UTTERLY SHAMELESS with a straight face. (which is something psychopaths are especially good at too)

“united the fact that they cant fucking stand each other” omg im dying lol

Could you possibly do 25mark structure for the new edexcel board? Thanks and love your videos!

Thank you very much, you’ve done a great job.😘



Who did he consult for this video?! There are so many errors in this video, undisputed factual errors, I can’t even sift through all of them. Even wikipedia does a better job. Oh, and I’ve heard butchering of names and words before, but he didn’t even try to pronounce anything with ANY sort of effort.

Great video and very easy to understand!

With the trolley car driver and the notion of killing the one worker and pushing the fat man over the bridge… the way I see it is, in the first scenario you have to kill someone, so you might as well minimize the damage. With the second one, you have the option of not killing anyone at all.

El violador 3000 😀

Empire Earth, Red Alert 3

“If there was only one government monopoly producing cars, do you think they would be produced efficently?” – Now think about it:

John Gray you make a valid point but my opinion is that it would be accurate across the board for most college students in America.

Neoclassical nonsense.

This really helped me, thank you 💕

The timing of your music, as you speak, is nice.


Infinite minus infinite

This Rockefeller-sponsored ‘queer’ and criminal fraud isn’t exposed for what he was in gay culture,

It´s funny that feminism is basically an ideology of pseudo-intelectual males, but most of women hate it.

How dare you to look at the comments?! NO APPLE PIE FOR YOU

Timestamps would be nice


Crash Course on Byzantine & Modern Greek History (500-1453-1821-Present)

Thanks presenter sis

“Perversion: The Erotic Form of Hatred,” published in 1975;

That’s one of the reasons I want to be an anthropologist 🙂 You shouldn’t worry about us not liking this, this was one of the best episodes!

I wait 4 it

Aryan is pronounced as /ˈɛəriən/, i. e., with first vowel and ‘r’ sounds as in ‘are’, derived from Sanskrit word आर्य (romanization : ‘ārya’, meaning : ‘noble’) and as Sanskrit is pronounced as it’s written, it’s known with high certainty that this pronunciation is correct.



“Hero of our time”

Anyone else here 10 min before the test?


WTF.. it’s just simple morality.. what’s so special in it.. engaging people and their time? Blah Blah blah

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?”

Your comment that you withheld I only got half, but it was quite harsh! Anyway, what I’m trying to say is you’re completely missing the point of what Fry is trying to say. Everyone should put at least a reasonable effort into making sure their English is readable, but the odd apostrophe missed out here and there, and the improper use of wording, like his example of ‘5 items or less’, when it is obvious what is meant, should not be jumped on by grammar nazi’s. sum1 who tlks lk dis is obvs a retrd

Yeah plz do it

These guys explains economics well


b. Without, if you want something – you have to make it yourself.

Merci bien ma chérie! J”aimerai bien vous demander, si vous avez terminer votre analyse bien sùr, de m’exposer les résultats auxquels vous étes arrivées. Merci

This is very helpful 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Very nice


My brain is on fire.

A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of

Why does adam smith look like a muppet

Chomsky is a great interview, and a pain in the ass to interview lol



Hey John Green! I would love it if you did a crash course on ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. you dont have to but if you did that would be great 🙂

The cure for depression is balancing both positive and negative thoughts, because that is where truth emerges.


The superman, isn’t that just a huge ego trip?

Stunning visuals and a quite melancholic viewpoint from people across the globe. The aerial photography was quite breathtaking. What strikes me is that we may be different with our looks, skin color and our languages but the underlying spirit that lives within us the same. It craves for and desires the same things no matter where you go. Special props to the visuals from Mongolia and the comments from the guy from Uruguay.

Its take on me

Once again throw the problems of this planet on an audience that knows this, appeal to the ones that already care. Lay the blame on the ones that do in so many part of their lives make the effort. This video isn’t reaching the arsonists and the crooked politicians that enable them. I didn’t row a little boat out in the middle of the Gulf and say to BP, “drill here” and neither did anyone else. They did it on their own. I didn’t go to Japan and find the most miserable place on the coast and say to TEPCO, “Build here”. And neither did anyone else. If you want to solve the problems threatening our fragile planet, start firing politicians that don’t listen when people chain themselves to fences and throw themselves under bulldozers!

This is amazing… well done….

I would 100% recommend a gap year, its definitely not pushed enough in the UK. I didn’t take one (wish I did) but I’m doing a placement year abroad in Amsterdam right now and its so eye opening to be on your own in a new place surrounded by a different culture, you’re gonna love it!!!

Show or help is more palatable than teach

The guardian of the galaxy editing you did I didn’t really like the look but it looks good in Avengers


Do you really think that a stupid shirt like that represents the real problem of the lack of women in STEM careers? If a shirt like that can make anyone to step aside from a STEAM career its only because that person has deep insecurities and instead of fixing them, he or she wants the world to accommodate to his/her needs. The only reason of why STEAM fields are predominantly composed by male is because of women choice and there are not really any force that tries to decide for them. What we have here is a group of people with their own insecurities that want the rest of the world to please their needs. You ask if we are afraid to lose power… Who the hell would really feel threatened because woman decide STEAM over woman studies?

“It’s not black, it’s african american”

I’m so happy I found your channel!! You motivate me so much 😊😊 thank you 😀

Just give everyone equal money and let the bots do everything. Easy nobody will complain.

We preserve the species. We are conservation (green) realized. We provide nature’s restraint on procreative extravagance (heterosexuality). We keep human production from becoming overproduction (overpopulation), pollution, climate change… destruction unbridled (hell). We keep the human race from becoming an obscene cosmic joke (extinct due to overpopulation and a lack of natural resources).



Washington post is fake news i cant wait to see these fuckers lynched in the streets

Why are you commenting, your opinion is offensive 😛

What about seasonal unemployment


If you dismiss him as a mumble rapper after watching this video, you’re stuck in rap music’s past. With time, things evolve even if you deny it

1:50 I had headphones so the scare….doesn’t count

Hey, can you send me your notes as well? my email is thank you

Were da fuck is harry potter

I’m seeing a lot of aggression going around about the whole “Nietzsche was a nihilist” stuff, which I agree was pretty much wrong. It’s understandable, but I believe I remember (though could be wrong) that Nietzsche did go through a phase of nihilism, at least for a short while, before coming to existentialism. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Very useful programme on research writing

Delhi CC walon ki monopoly khatam…

Including 9 English language novels to represent the world, literature is not fair, when there is Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, African, French Latin American and much more. Let me pick 10 and another 10 for honourable mentions.

No thanks, I like nice stuff

Is the owner of brusspup a guy or a girl

(status form) as / like dogs = kutyákként / ebekként (essive-formalis)

This was very helpful thanks a lot.

A very lucid and simple way to learning to improve one’s written communication. I being a free lance trainer, teaching PG students, find it quite informative and practical guide for crisp expression. Thanks for all this

Alguien mas apenas verlo pensó en Little Inferno?

Https:// de/Beast-Enforcer-english-Version-Authentical-ebook/dp/B01HBQ3Z34/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1467608215&sr=8-1

Test in an hour. rip me


“THE SCIENCE OF ACHIEVEMENT” that’s a good one


Cantor used this method not to show other things, but only to prove it’s uncountable. He didn’t assume the numbers have to be put in a random way whatsoever.



1930s: 2

Makes me sick..ugh..Smh.

What if exercise is replaced by workout. Isn’t it synonym?

Sir, u are awesome

You are reading this comment.

This show is a godsend and i havent laughed so hard at an animated series, or any series at all, in a long time.



That’s why it’s so easy to learn English and French. No cases)

Thankyou Sir… for Proper Direction

Shukriya mam this video really heloed me alot tysm mam

Https://youtu. be/pNzWZmOvCQI

He talks about shorter than a vine video, well vine is dead, so we’re dead

Good thing I don’t work and live off the government

In the end of fears, You Will Be Together.

So, you think anyone not capable of understanding your stupid joke, is a nerd?

Awww!! so what did you get in the end? xx and woww i can barely get a E never mind a A!! im sure you will do fine in the future! xx



I totally agree with you, as I’m reading The Plague of Fantasies by Slavoj Žižek, he explains with lots of examples how it works…. it’s pure psychoanalysis and it’s a very interesting and difficult subject. You are a really good observer!!

Yet fools in every other religion trying to destroy buddhism & buddhist philosophy 😀

Add (2)

So, who’s here because of Le Fossoyeur de films?

But even then, I feel like simple reference to a work or symbol or character without any proper narrative framing doesn’t really count in the way that intertextuality has been traditionally used or defined and ends up just being a reference.

I’m sorry but some these answers were bleak

I’m an employee for a company called the mission inn hotel. Until recently I loved my job because they inspired me to move around to other department a to help out when needed. I felt needed and appreciated because I was working to my potential. They have now implemented a new rule in which I can no longer help other department s, this made me feel unappreciated. My question is how do I let them now that I need this job to feel like I’m making a contribution to the company,? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you


I always questioned the idea of god you create everything but yet there is no proof I said fuck in the grand scheme my life may be pointless but while im here im going to contribute to the human race for future generations I dont care that in a billion years the sun we explode and wipe us out I found my meaning in life I had thoughts of offing myself and you know wat popped in my head my family even though their lives too are meaningless but knowing that they would be sad then and there I found a reason for living ik grammar but I had too get that off my chest

New Year!

I am slightly confused ( im dyslexic) ^.^ slight hummer, my own expense. I am given assignments with a clear instruction on what to do for example, define key characteristics of entrepreneurs and discuss. I understand how to discuss, for and against ect.. but I fail to see how I would make a thesis in that question? or is this specific for a dissertation? sorry if this sounds stupid, however if I am suppose to create a thesis from this assignment question, the best I could do is “All entrepreneurs have key characteristics, separating them from non entrepreneurs however not all entrepreneurs have a homogeneous set of characteristics, instead different entrepreneur groups have different key characteristics specific to that particular entrepreneur group” setting out to explain subgroups of entrepreneurs with key characteristics. whilst giving evidence in support of the characteristics with scholastic research, debating over what it is to mean key? perhaps common reoccurrences in a particular type of entrepreneur as a result of there believes, achievements, education and there set ups of business or businesses. ? how would I create topics? please help! so new to this!

This is awesome! TRUMP is awesome! Even the slightest hand gesture he makes causes Liberals heads to blow up.

Approximately lɑuˈtsɪ


For the true howling, yawping maniacs who actually create something from the future in the now, school is merely a machine we must rage against. If you emerge you will be ripped apart by everyone who didn’t follow you into that thicket, thought of as indecipherable or worse, and are the best chance we have for the human race for people to listen closely to–but few at least in this world have the attention or aperature setting to hear you. School is just where you learn that is true. A genius is just a heretic we don’t dislike *yet*…

What books are your guys favorites? Mine currently is Wide Awake by David Levithan

So leave the farm is simply to die.




I got 290, but I’m 10! I am very surprised.

I agree with Skinner,

Could you please send me your revision notes for Economics AS Unit 1 and 2?

Many thanks prof Armin Trost. your teaching on the subject was very excellent

The irony of watching this on a phone, great message but no one will do anything about it

NOT in explaining what the ACTUAL CAUSE of these sexualities is.

Nihilism 4 life… and then we die 🙂

Too many letters in the words,

+M Caner I liked these videos may be you want to add your favourite list 🙂

Little did Beethoven know what one day millions of students will be sitting on their electronic devices that hold all the information in the world and listening to his compositions to study. Lmao. I make videos on studying if anyone is interested!

I am currently reading your book The Fault in Our Stars and i like it so far. its very good read and sad yet also funny, as in sarcasticaly funny but also sad but its good so far.

When price is zero

Brahminism = subjugation of the untouchables and the Sidis!

Beethoven is better when you’re naked.

That being said, there were cases where non-verbal humans do not have the prerequisite factors to produce language, yet able to communicate through sessions of shaping procedure (ABA).



This ingenious ploy opens the door to modern queer narratives about anything and everything,


Good vid even if I don’t get any think btw I met u today

“It would be straight up remiss of yo’ bitch ass…” I don’t know why, but that part is glorious. XD

Brad Pitt is from Oklahoma, so I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with his southern accent. It’s not affected, it’s real, if not just a bit exaggerated. He drags out all his vowel sounds, which we do.

It is very useful!!

Trust is the most difficult obstacle in communication these days..In the 60’s people used to be nice, cooperative and heart warming. Look at nowadays.. what a bunch of sad saps. I can’t work with none of my current team members because they are all such apathetic robots. You can’t trust people these days. You just can’t. Everyone is fake.

I like martin…seems like a cool dude…cthagod is a fukface

Should’ve been ice cube

Check out my facebook group “econsucks” and twitter econsucks.

Meruem 😉

These all things have been thought in Quran 1400yrs ago. Quran Chapter 49 verses 11- 12

7:To Kill a Mockingbird.

Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour is my all time favorite RTS.

Also, just for general knowledge as your doing economics at AS levels could you give your opinion on how hard or good it is as a subject and what kind things you have to learn; a summary if possible and whether a weak student like me can cope with it

2. Gender is not always a feminist issue, and I think radfems should be gathered in a pit and nuked

How’d u think u did??