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Shame india shame. i love islam no cast system all the people equal equal.

Every sad God give u peace.


Milk causes hair loss? Good thing I’ve stopped drinking it, maybe now I won’t go bald until my late 20s instead of my mid 20s. 😉

Well done. I understand (or I think I understand) existentialism better by watching this video than by reading wikipedia. Thanks man!

Crash Course on Byzantine & Modern Greek History (500-1453-1821-Present)

What a great insight on depression, how it’s the loss of vitality not happiness..this is going to help so many people especially now during the holidays. Well wishes to all who struggle.

Never mind philosophy, is English no longer taught in schools there, the comments below are woeful

I think the story “The Library of Babel” is a better example then the dictionary with every word. that story is a story of a library that contains every possible book (with X numbers of pages and Y number of characters a page). There for it contains every possible bit of information in the universe. 99% of the books would be gibberish though. Someone made it into a website though and i think he references that website, if not in this episode then another. I haven’t finished the video. But it was a book first.

Amazing video, he is great!

Trust me when I say that this is true

In German, nouns and their articles (or adjectives) change form depending on their case.

9. The Metamorphosis

I’m Chinese. When I was a primary school student, we learnt Canada English, I can remember teacher told us “Z” pronounced “zed”. But it’s changed about 2008, all Chinese became learn American English.

So B. It By Sarah Weeks

When the world knows beauty as beauty, ugliness arises

This helps, thank you! Try cashew milk next time, it’s better, lol!



Keep it up sir plgggg



Youre awesome

We are going too be that lazy and foolish in our future we are going to have robots actually live our lives and we be unemployable to live. we will be grazing the fields been sheep’s while the robots would be classed as a shepherd or god doing all of our thinking. fuck that

Alot of people talking about Joss Fong makes me feel like I am in a “4chan” or “gag” website. Sure she is beautiful but come on..

Whoever does the text supers needs to learn the difference between an apostrophe and a grave accent. The spacing in the contractions is seriously borked—to the point where it becomes a distraction, in a place where the speed of delivery doesn’t allow confusion.

Daddy i love you

Saddam Hussein will never attack Iran without western back.

More at:

Awesome teacher i have ever seen in my life…… it made it so easy to understand

Sooooo, I’m artistic and creative

If you were my lec I would be soooo looking forward to your classes. They seem fun Lol😂

According to Rawls, on the decision of weather or not there should be a draft, couldn’t one reflect a true Veil of Ignorance if a vote by the people, and not congress, about weather or not we should go to war?

Just awesome summarization :DD



The background music made me remembered the world trade center attacked. Sad background music 🙁

There is a book called Dead Ends were it has two kids looking for there dads

Jack has changed (with enthusiasm and loudness) a lot over the years

You could had a better openning get the duel low allumiun and iron mine and than the silicon and carbon mine.

Nice video btw

A trendy cut scene sequence would afford more credibility and viewer engagement.

You need a psychiatrist not a bull shit and bias linguist.

I just started online Master’s courses and turned in a paper that I thought was killer. Mind you, I have been out of school for a decade now…anyhow I found out I failed because I basically turned in a summary. I was supposed to write an analysis of an essay of a writer who was defending a previous book. I got it all wrong. This was quite helpful thank you!

This video is very very helpful to me as I am a visual learner and need to write a research proposal

I will find this pretty interesting and maybe funny to watch bcs im a toxic memelord that will trigger everyone :^)

The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan didn’t even make the voting list? The hell is wrong with you people!

Sarmatian-Celto-Slavic-Aryan Griffin clan (also cofounders of the

The constant disatisfaction ibelive is owed due tolack of concentration

Holy shit you sounded like Gru in the intro.

As to the content of your claim, it doesn’t seem that meaningful to me. Swedish law is incredibly idealistic and they have lower crime rates and less corruption than most countries. Christianity and the United States are both based on ambitiously idealistic notions.



Being British, and having a Northern english accent, one of the MANY we have(in some places you can get down to the street where a person lives, or a part of a town), I once went to a Renaissance fayre in texas and they used a “british” accent well being from here i heard intonations from every single place. it amused me and hurt me at the same time. later on i met someone in one of the malls in america and he was from 8 miles from where i lived in the UK, and as we spoke our accents got broader and broader, more dialect based and the people we were with got confused as they couldnt understand the accent. As if we were speaking another language.

OK I do not support the notion that a genius is ‘created’ by education. Some are born to this brilliance and some are not. But even a genius can be an uneducated person if they grow up in isolation.

American privlige is what this is. Ok, facts. Nobody is stopping women from going into STEM. Nobody stops men from going into the creative arts or womens studies fields. Yes it is annoying hearing about a shirt with boobs on it for the first time since the 5th grade. Please do not tell me that I take pleasure in womens struggles because I disagree with your well groomed opinion. Here’s why I don’t like it. DISPITE THE INTENTIONS OF ACTIVISTS, THIS MAN, THIS TOTAL DORK WAS BULLIED AND HARRASED UNTIL HE CRIED APPOLOGIZING TO THE PUBLIC. The people behind have a lot in common with the people behind This kind of public humiliation and forced morality is childish and pathetic. On both sides.

Im suprized how famous she is.

I liked the way he said I was going to win with my essay.

The community shouldn’t have accepted thug.

The funniest shit I’ve seen in weeks

Why are the hosts talking like 1st grade teachers? I feel like crashcourse just took a nosedive in quality because of this series.

But not in agricultural Europe of the Middle Ages, NOT in natural tribes in Africa and the Americas,

Tom Sawyer

Very helpfull

What am I afraid of losing? FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. I find it ironic that people complaining about his shirt tend to also be for abortion and use the excuse “its my body I can do what I want” so let the man wear what the fuck he wants then! Its his fucking body its not like you’re gonna get fucking cancer or some shit -_- Its pathetic that people complain about such meaningless stuff The other day I was kicked out of a store because one of my tattoos is a girl in a bikini riding a motorcycle and when I asked the lady why. she said “its offensive and you’re objectifying women” thing is that the tattoo is supposed to be my girlfriend (she likes to ride my bike in a bikini 😉 When I told her she went red but still kicked me out (I think she just was to embarrassed to have me stay XD)

So wheres the protoss?

Nice teaching

The professors lecturing and on spot teaching ability is amazing. Great job.

Lol, oh alex, you sassy little thing!

Yes, Comletely agree, he looks loke Obama very much. :-)) And he is great on explaining things….Awesome!



Your name is very Scandinavian! I thought for sure you were Norwegian before you spoke.

Thank you, this information was fantastic for my last minute essay

Imagine if animals and trees can talk I wouldn’t be surprised if they say they want humans to disappear I feel helpless😓

This is exactly what my trail of thoughts have been during my teens to now; so now I have a word for it, I guess😏

Dont get the part where the supply shifts to S1….does it really shift? It can’t because if the suppliers increase their supply their prices increase right, so the people who then were able to pay the equilibrium price cannot pay the current price!!

The joker only breaks out because it’s relevant to the story/sales of the comics.

“Your scent is like a drug to me

The priest predicted that he would either become the emperor of ” lumbini” a place in Nepal where buddha was born and where is father was king, where he was prince. Not the emperor of india….or either he would become a monk. the king of India ” ashoka” came to Nepal during the time of king “sthunko” during kirant dynasty and became buddhist. His daughter ” Charumati” was married to prince of one of the state of Nepal.

I am a junior in high school and this video has answered the questions I’ve always had about the structure of an essay for so long! The outline is so clear now, it’s like a whole new world!! Seriously I love your humor – it’s hard to make an educative video be enjoyable and you absolutely nailed it! Subscribed 🙂

You can stroke my PVC pipe anytime 😉

Thank you so much. I finally understand this such easy concept.

Thank you. You did a great job. I found it very helpful.

Is Mike the most gorgeous man, or what? Handsome, intelligent, funny, dorky… I drool every time.

Think about how the tongue is curving. To pronounce the “ou” in “house” or “about”, the tongue curves upwards, like the end of a canoe, whereas the way they’re pronounced in the US (at least in Wisconsin) the tongue is curved downward to meet the roof of the mouth to complete those sounds, like a wave that hasn’t crested. I’d imagine that the use of the French language would have something to do with the way that played out

It’s simple, Jesus. Jesus was the perfect sinless human being, he was perfect and good. If people just were to be good, to is problem could be solved.



When someone says hip hop is easy, theyre not wrong, hip hop can be extremely easy, for example ‘mumble rap’. But when hip hop is made into an artform and a way of self expression it is anything but easy, artists like, Rakim, Ice Cube, Biggie, 2Pac, Naughty by Nature, Eminem, Kendrick.. etc.. use hip hop as a storytelling divice, a paintbrush, a weapon, and therapy. A genre of music, where an artist is able to tell you a story that you identify with, and still make every word rhyme with every other word in the song, that is skill. That to me is hip hop

If you like Beethoven then you need to check this out:

Lol, so that’s the intelligence of harvard students? OK

Lol Romeus

1:17 you know shits about to go down when the song comes on.

Well in my opinion he is lucky that he can afford to go to private hospital and go for a break some people haven’t got that opportunity

I’m so happy for you and your brave decision of following your gut! I totally get what you said at the end about your year group being one year younger, but believe me, you don’t even feel it at all. When I entered college I ended up changing majors and ended up being three years older than my classmates which was MINDBLOWING to me, but it seriously is like nothing happened. You always end up meeting the people you have to meet, and making friends with the people you’re meant to be friends with. So yeah, I wish you ALL the luck in the world, (I actually wish i had thought of taking a gap year when I finished high school haha but it just never crossed my mind) Anyways, I already feel you’re going to have an AMAZING gap year, it’s going to be great! :)))

-do not learn stuff. Learn concepts and skills


It’s kinda weird that Adriene refers to Jacob as “Mr. Clifford”. Makes him sound like a pet st. bernard.

Very informative

1st English teacher that had legit handwriting 👌👌

Https://youtu. be/A8AAABCxjAU

Eu vi ela (spoken language)

Can someone please tell me what is this AWESOME MUSIC and who is performing it?

Why would anyone dislike this?

Hi Robert, I enjoyed our previous discussion on this topic but I must say that the evidence against a critical period for SLA is overwhelming. One major issue is that many researchers lack enough experience in successful foreign language acquisition Studies such as Johnson and Newport are extremely flawed. Here is a polyglot’s view.


Where are you, Paul?

This episode was much better than the last one. The fact that when telling a joke the actors stayed at the same pitch and volume as when they are not telling a joke definitely helped.

I hate niggers and beaners



He is so inspirational, I’ve seen a few of his videos and he doesn’t fight for black rights, white rights, or gay rights etc he fights for the world and for humanity. Every time I watch one of his videos I just get goosebumps because it’s so true and sometimes I hate to think that our world is coming to this and he is very much making a difference and he should be much much much more talked about and viewed because he has some very valid points and has something that every body should listen to.

Este juego me recuerda a…

Should have been spoiler alert XD

Well, last time I checked at least

Finally… he dead by alien thank you alien!

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Dopełniacz (Genetivus)

It was so worth staying up this late to copy all of these details, thanks GconplusDal

Why should he specify anything? He wasn’t writing in an academic journal, a magazine or a book. He was writing a private letter to a friend, a friend who knew exactly what he was talking about. Of course if he knew that a bunch of far right trolls were going to trawl his private correspondence to find quotations to rip out of context, he may have used more precise language.


Letting nature take its course?” An age old moral delima in jurisprudence

That was the longest “skrt” of my life

I have checked your website and it’s just something amazing I really want to thank you for your great effort and time you spending in giving us this tips and advises

कोशिश तो बहुत कि,की राज़ बयां ना हो।

Where is Arabic?

I have followed your advice and I get very good result in essay I got 18 marks out of 20 and it is highest marks

Great video. But it’s called a “Motif” not a “Motive”.

5. o kolesu

Step three: Auction house



And simply conceive of life as a chain of actions guided by will or circulstance only;

Gays have their own YouTube channels now. . .

You can only feel so much by yourself.

The error is to order the circumstance of time to be immediately after the verb, as you have used the reference tool and this is another error )dieses buch)

Let me sum it all up….. NIGGA ITS LEAN

He speaks like “a family member or a friend” …. jeez…. really??? Guess I don’t have family and friends consisting of narcissistic sociopaths….

Tom Sawyer

I cryed tears of joy listening to the start music

I hate monday ughh

Do a vid on a view from the bridge pleaseeeeeeee

Its true good vedio..

Old rhyme rapp’n ~

He speaks like a bullshitter


I’m just speechless!

I almost cried he inspires me so much

Religion = sanctified racism

Really appreciate it.

Amazing stuff! Please do teach on..


I can speak in german (native language), english and im currently learning japanese and russian just for fun XD



Why are SOQ’s being required now? No other states require these. And this wasn’t required until fairly recently. Something smells fishy to me.

“He speaks like everybody else and we’re not used to hearing that.” That is one of the biggest reasons Trump got elected.

Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.

LOL this video is very helpful

I cam from world of goo who else did

Booo. Bring back John Green. Terrible intro.


“how many blue balls”

I’m thinking about Alex Ross specifically. His work is always amazing not only for his drawing style, but also because he has a great sense of color.

Princess Diana sounded like Keira Knightley I think

Maybe you need to focus less on grammar and more on comprehension?

Just me?…. Ok :'(

Or the name in the title. Seriously, you’re not even trying.

The problem with your argument is that conventional gender roles are not essential to our species’ survival. Gender stratification has and continues to have tangible, detrimental effects on every society, and that stratification is often based on claims that certain behaviors are natural for one sex and unnatural for others. Decades ago, scientists argued that women were naturally passive, deferential, and uninterested in politics and thus had certain duties. How’s any of this natural? It’s not.

I think this is one of the most important life skills one can learn

Looks like an alien training tape to help them pose as humans on earth 😉

Sir Ken is BRILLIANT! As a former Professional Educator, I DID teach creatively, and my young students were always engaged and collaborating.

I would like to learn english speaking with an american or canadian via skype or other way could give me advice.

If your tea was bitter would you jumb or crawl

Love my??



You are fuckin retarded if you think Trump actually talks like a 9 year old.

I hv nt read any of d book u told bt I’ll definitely read dem in near future

I don’t thinks its fair I don’t recognize untouchabilty..

I speak Danish, English, Polish, German and Chinese, and I understand Russia, Spanish and a bit of Japanese. And yet I am horrendous at spelling in almost all of those languages 😢

Let’s assume we did “wake up.” Let’s assume we moved forward in bring about change to the system that ended the political and economic “regime” that held us captive all these years. What is left for us? Assuming one were finally free and sovereign as an individual to do as he or she pleased, is that all there is for us–the supposed truest form of freedom out there? I am rather confused as to what a place would look like if no institutionalized precedents ran awry in our lives since even in the wake of this slavery life expectancy has gone up, many years during which people aren’t even working for the benefit of the government but rather for themselves. I am a little skeptical at taking in an ideology or perspective like this primarily due to the negative opportunities that freeing ourselves from “the machine” can bring about. If there is no central force of power, wouldnt someone else trying to take that mantle and start the process all over again? Wouldn’t trade revert to bartering, a method that could easily be manipulated by the fear of death? If we don’t fear death, then how superficial would human achievement be considered if we all died for the ideas and projects we believe in? Its a noble effort to free ourselves from this slavery perhaps, but its the experiences with others in mutual belief of benevolent intent that makes us proud or happy as humans. Without a system to govern, different groups would fight over power and resources. Ask yourself this, and I caution you as the implications can be dangerous–are you happy with your life? Why or why not? Is your happiness determined by the extent to which you control your life, or could you be happy living with your family under a government that provides services not found in many places of the world? Just something to think about, jumping the gun on such a compelling idea this video seeks to put in your mind only harms humans as a whole.

2:06 I don’t think Driving Miss Daisy was released in 2013

I’m saw this video on my class!

Can you do a video on Mohammed’s philosophy or is that too controversial?

Good job reloading the video at 240p.

And of course this list is very biased towards american novels…I do not think The great gatsby is the best novel of the 20th century…

Bernie Would Have Won

Trying to binge watch as many videos as I can and try to gain as much information as I can for tomorrow’s exam.. lowkey fucked

I googled Thug Notes T Shirts and the link was there!

Last year all we did was p. e.e in English 😞

Y’all just drivin’ around, I know where my lane is

Our education systems (worldwide) strip away children’s capacity for innovation and creativity… It programs us to fear the wrong answer, and if we fear getting things wrong, we remove the ability to ever discover something new or reach our true potential.

“I hate you”

Please do the Sims language

It’s unfortunate that the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe was explained simply as an increase in the amount of currency created.

Thanx amazing man

My first published book is a collection of 22 short stories about misfortune characterized by unexpected final twists at the end of each tale. “With ‘Flight of Destiny’, I want the reader to squirm at the behavior of some undeniably despicable characters, be charmed by their wit under duress, and be totally drawn into the harrowing world of the oppressed, all while savoring these dark, surrealist stories,” says Powell. “‘Into this anthology, I have injected my vast accumulation of angst and blended in my warped sense of humor.”

Good for you romilitant! Someone actually gets the point of this video…the future of learning.

DO ANOTHER SIMS VID PLZZZZ this might sound creepy but I’ve seen all your videos._.