Good job

7:35 is that Viserys?

Holy moly this is a ride.

She just HAD to say something about the case and, rather strangely,

I already have a problem with the begging of this… not all humans want to exploit and dominate what is around them……

I think that the criticism against Matt Taylor went way too far. Making him break down into tears while apologizing from the backlash. I’m annoyed by the guy’s shirt and wish he didn’t wear it, but he was traumatized rather than truly understanding what he did wrong.

I totally agree with the message of the video. I am so underutilizing available technology – especially the free one. I always have some electronic device on me that can do at least email, web browsing, editing MS Office documents, organizing calendar, listening to podcasts, participating in conf calls and webinars. I am in grad school now but I only occasionally get a chance to use that technology as a student

All the sins are in the Islamic commands

This game looks awesome, I hope it reaches its Kickstarter goal…

3: If the organs weren’t a 100% match the body would reject them.

Psychology isn’t a pseudoscience anymore, not for a long time. The fact that you can say such things shows your total ignorance on social sciences and their methodologies. It isn’t an exact science, like the ones you mentioned, but those have nothing to say about gender. Because gender is a term derived from social sciences. You confuse gender and sex. They’re not the same thing. You purported that all boys always play with ‘male’ toys, which simply isn’t true.

I love how you make academics seem like a craft!

What about the implication

I just started watching this Eco series and it took you 11 and so minutes what my teacher did in 3 sessions. I’m not saying my teacher did a bad job, but many of my classmates wouldn’t have had such a hard time if you way were our teachers. I’m actually gonna share this with my friends, I know they’re gonna love it so thanks for your hardwork and the quality content 😀

We are creating the bots to do work for us, when the time comes where large numbers are unemployed, they won’t need to be because bots will work for us. It’s not some scary fate, it’s literally what we’ve been working towards. Inventions making our lives easier until we have to do nothing.

Hay un easter egg o estoy fumado? xq en los paquetes hay letras y dicen palabras en el segundo nivel dice load program


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