Thanks for this, although it had some historical error, but for the first time, one English Speaking, does understand that 1953 event in Iran it was not a coup, (it was tried but never materialized) that is very true. even CIA was very young at that time and had no such power. Kermit Roosevelt, lied to his government, making an hero out of his un-succeeded effort. Iran’s Constitution since 1906 and its amendment, never Elected a Prime Minister to the job, term, (Democratically elected PM) is totally wrong, PM always selected by Shah, and his credentials as well as PM’s government (team) approved by Majles (Parliament) that was process. Iranians who understands the PLOT and/or Conspirator of 1979 they do NOT call this Revolution, but a REVOLT (a Coup d’etat) similar thing occur ed in Libya. tried in Egypt, (all three of them were GREAT mistake) Mistake of USA and gaining point for Russia and ENGLAND.

He does have a real job.

6:14 was that a reference to the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley? The last two lines said something similar:

Histories in which have no poetic beauty. nothing interesting.

The Great Gatsby is such a classic. I had AP English junior year and we had to do these dialectic journals were we have to find 20 quotes and find out if they are oxymoron, anaphora, asyndeton, etc. and i chose The Great Gatsby. Although it is short, nine chapters, F. Scott Fitzgerald captured the essence of the Roaring twenties, which he coined.

I can honestly say, this presentation changed my life.

“Psycholinguistics” is like regular linguistics, except crazier!

This is totally awesome


“I don’t know who I am. Or maybe I do know who I am and I just don’t want to be her anymore.” Gayle Foreman – Just one day

Which, by the way, doesn’t make me love Chomsky less, if that was the purpose, but rather makes me perceive the camera man as a very sick person.


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Doesn’t he occasionally confuse countably and uncountably infinite?

So from seeing the amount of comments I wonder, can you people do anything else than just bitch about how PA isn’t complete (which it is) and how quick Uber was to abandon SMNC? Last time I checked, PA is making money (and getting more guys to join UE) and SMNC got dropped because it wasn’t making enough to support itself.

LOVED the video. first I’ve seen in your channel but your voice is PERFECTLY suited for video essayz. so pleeeease, continue this style of work, and maybe give us something that you personally find lacking in other “analysis” videos either in the style of presentation, the focus of the videos, or the type of films analyzed. maybe some “recreation shots” where you match color pallets and grades of popular or well made made movies, just a thought!

God I fucking hate the English subject.

WOW!😵😮 you’re a real magical artist! I love youuuuuuu Lydiaaaaaaaa

He sounds like rain man

@uchihaaddiction Who ever told you that, for lack of a better phrase, is a ignorant pig headed human being.coming from a christian.

The problem is he never showed him Star Trek!!


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