Mother F##ker

She’s wrong. No relative of mine speaks like this. Nobody I KNOW speaks like this unless it’s a six year old child trying to convince me he didn’t eat the cake even though his face is covered in chocolate and the cake was found under his bed.

Washington Compost, why dont you concentrate on REAL NEWS for a change, More Jobs, More prosperity, Health Bill, Tax Cuts


Was this frightening to him at first when the sentence in his head wasn’t the one that he spoke? Or he doesn’t even know he doesn’t make sense. Actually I think you wrote that he is aware of it… It’s so nice that he has a positive attitude. Is his brain affected in other ways, like – he has a firm grip on reality and all, right, he’s just unable to understand what people say and to form logical sentences to describe his normal thoughts? or are his thoughts jumbled also? is he confused? Sorry, it’s just fascinating—and scary as hell…

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Why would you add music?

Est ce qu’il prend bcp de ressources j’ai un pc pourri

They seem insane.

My chanel HR

I speak English, Arabic, Russian and Japanese…

4. Doctor with five patients and one unwitting “donor” – Let the five die. By killing the one guy who just came in for a check-up you would be doing irreparable damage to the implicit bond of trust between doctors and patients. People who might already be hesitant to visit their doctors might well end up avoiding them altogether out of the (thanks to you) reasonable fear that they might be cannibalised for spare parts. The long term outcome would be a massive increase in harm that would affect all of society.

The video addresses a lot of the problem of students today, but I see a lot of them as self-inflicted. If you didn’t buy that laptop, you wouldn’t have to work so much. If you didn’t watch so much TV and spend so much time on Facebook, maybe you’d be doing better in school, etc.

My steps are just:

Really helped me on my essay 🙂

That’s for the Early Release no the full game…

Thank you!!!

Yes that is a good book. Stick with law enforcement experts over people like Paul Ekman. Microexpressions are nonsense from everything I’ve seen. Also focus on verbal analysis if you can find good law enforcement texts on that topic

I think he just taught me more in 6 minutes than 2 weeks of my lectures did..

This just makes me do my homework without me even realizing it. I just get to work.

So… what abut Canada.. its English and French

Patient your best effort.

I also really like what Stephen said when he stated – “When you’re in the grips of a manic episode, you don’t really believe that other people exist, YOU are the centre of YOUR universe” – sums up mania completely.


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