I find that Hindus tend to be quite racist against anyone who is darker than them, especially black people. (not all of course). The Muslims and Christians are nicer and not as racist.

Great help! thx!

This interview was extremely helpful. I believe parents should be aware of the importance of learning a second language and give their children the opportunity to learn a second language in their early childhood.

Charlamagne is a racist mf.

The cool Kat

So basically,

So in other words, you ‘prove’ things based on assumptions everybody – by now – knows are incorrect? THAT sounds like perfectly sound research!!! /s

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Fuk off wintor

–Steven mentioning Bertrand Russell and you came up with C. S. Lewis. This sentence is an example of how stupid you made yourself the entire time. Is embarrassing to mention that idiotic Christian Apologetic and shame of a writer when Pinker is answering to your question regarding Inspiration.

God BLESS YOU!! You should start a virtual university already and issue degrees or such! Amazing..I’m speechless

Fully disclosed and agreed upon you are on the smorgasboard IF you willingly agreed… and lost….

India desperately needs a plague.

Die Siedler 2

Instead of putting a sock in my pants I started stuffing them with a 16 inch dildo. Plus I wear the tightest pants humanly possible. So tight, you can even see it’s veins! It’s made such a difference in my life. I can’t imagine leaving the house ever again without a 16 inch dildo stuffed down my pants!!!

Their is complexity in Lindsay Lohan ‘s downfall. She and her talent needed better parents than what she got.

Sorry nerd moment but rey never touched lukes sabre but anakins. Lukes is green that he got from return of the jedi. Obi wan gave him his fathers sabre to begin with.

No son mayores de edad… por eso rompiste las reglas carnal…😂😂😂😂😂😉

I thought this was awesome! I wish he’d do one on “geek group think,” the phenomenon when a bunch of nerds want to be part of a group, so they all come to a consensus of how they feel about some nerd product because they don’t want to be an outsider to a group of people who are ostensibly like them. This is why I felt there was no diversity of opinion among fans about THE PHANTOM MENACE (George Lucas, 1999)

1950s: 4



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