Haplogroup R1a is found IN INDIA AND SOUTH ASIA AND NOWHERE ELSE! R1a is found even among tribals and different caste groups in India/South Asia

We watched that in school.🎥

Aww, but I don’t want to be annihilated! Dx

Ya dejenlo el solo iso una pregunta ya sea tonta o no pero hay gente que solo ve comentarios para insultar y no digan que yo tambien checo los comentarios solo que vi esa pregunta y le puse que si en plan buena gente pero veo que nadie de aqui tiene buenos modales y solo por que asen eso de insultar si ni siquiera el los insulto



Trump sounds like NO ONE in my family, thank you. Trump sounds more like an unhinged, confused con artist, a New York sharpie. sorry, He has the vocabulary of a 4th grader, and, yes, he appeals to the uneducated, the common citizen, the lowest common denominator. Lady, we do NOT ALL speak like this bozo! Are you delusional? DJT is, in my opinion, the direct opposite of what a US President should be, in every way, not only in his speech.

Good one. but the commands are in German, I believe. Is there an English one available? thanks though

This guy buys a 2 million dollar record, but doesn’t help his mom get out of a janitor job?

Its a difficult game, some of you need to calm the heck down tbh stop making a big deal over tiny mistakes.

I’m dumb. Is there a pill for me?

る。真空は無ではなく霊の集合である。 量子力学は光が粒子と波の2面性を持ったものと


“‘you’ve got to be kidding me,’ the bouncer said, crossing his arms across his massive chest.”

Thank you so much, u r very good young teacher

Boy, your Plato is WAY off.


A bit too focused on the positive contributions for me…


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