Right, masculinity may be a cultural construct, but if you know somebody who is transgender (let’s say female to male) that person was raised female. Then, feeling it to be wrong, in my hypnosis as a result of something different about their physiology (brain chemistry or structure maybe), they realized that they were not what society told them they were. If gender identity were a purely cultural construct, this would never happen. Not in a million years.

Everyone one should treat everyone the same and not be so dang arrogant.

Why put something on youtube that one would have to read? Kinda dumb. Just put it in a pdf and hang it on the web. And, the music was very inappropriate and distracting. Waste of your time.

That was…… A. W.S. O.M. E. someone told me to check out these videos and I will love that person as well as ACDC Leadership :))

Somehow he knew he was going to the classroom and what the homework was about…so..?


This just saved me, for real. Thank you

To be fair, the graph title is Apple, not Apples, so it seems more like the company than the fruit 😛

They are… 5 days till early release on steam!!!!

Skaginnhf is not missing the whole point, but pointing out a small factual inaccuracy which does not necesssarily break down the whole argument. I like people on the internet to do this, because there are many intelligent people on the internet. However, it is also very easy to pick on people and be very unfriendly anonymously on the internet.

If that dad had spent that time just speaking Spanish or french to the kid he could have learnt a language which would have been useful to him all his life instead of this stupid bollocks

All key & peele veterens say i said biiiiiiiiiitch

Damn this was amazing man! great break down. Eminem is Goat

You see his wings? This parrot can’t fly either.


Sir can uh plz give me link of video for factors affecting price elasticity of demand

Government doesn’t need to provide education. I mean, here’s +CrashCourse

Cyrus–I would need your thesis/research hypothesis first.

Also, I think Dothraki kinda sounds like Chechen (with a few less consonants of course)

That is the beginning of the faulty reasoning. If you know something will happen then all accidents/mistakes become murder.

All time favorite



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