When someone says hip hop is easy, theyre not wrong, hip hop can be extremely easy, for example ‘mumble rap’. But when hip hop is made into an artform and a way of self expression it is anything but easy, artists like, Rakim, Ice Cube, Biggie, 2Pac, Naughty by Nature, Eminem, Kendrick.. etc.. use hip hop as a storytelling divice, a paintbrush, a weapon, and therapy. A genre of music, where an artist is able to tell you a story that you identify with, and still make every word rhyme with every other word in the song, that is skill. That to me is hip hop

If you like Beethoven then you need to check this out:

Lol, so that’s the intelligence of harvard students? OK

Lol Romeus

1:17 you know shits about to go down when the song comes on.

Well in my opinion he is lucky that he can afford to go to private hospital and go for a break some people haven’t got that opportunity

I’m so happy for you and your brave decision of following your gut! I totally get what you said at the end about your year group being one year younger, but believe me, you don’t even feel it at all. When I entered college I ended up changing majors and ended up being three years older than my classmates which was MINDBLOWING to me, but it seriously is like nothing happened. You always end up meeting the people you have to meet, and making friends with the people you’re meant to be friends with. So yeah, I wish you ALL the luck in the world, (I actually wish i had thought of taking a gap year when I finished high school haha but it just never crossed my mind) Anyways, I already feel you’re going to have an AMAZING gap year, it’s going to be great! :)))

-do not learn stuff. Learn concepts and skills


It’s kinda weird that Adriene refers to Jacob as “Mr. Clifford”. Makes him sound like a pet st. bernard.

Very informative

1st English teacher that had legit handwriting 👌👌

Https://youtu. be/A8AAABCxjAU

Eu vi ela (spoken language)

Can someone please tell me what is this AWESOME MUSIC and who is performing it?

Why would anyone dislike this?

Hi Robert, I enjoyed our previous discussion on this topic but I must say that the evidence against a critical period for SLA is overwhelming. One major issue is that many researchers lack enough experience in successful foreign language acquisition Studies such as Johnson and Newport are extremely flawed. Here is a polyglot’s view.


Where are you, Paul?

This episode was much better than the last one. The fact that when telling a joke the actors stayed at the same pitch and volume as when they are not telling a joke definitely helped.

I hate niggers and beaners



I got too attached to that bird


One word amazing!

3:33 actually you are being timed. There’s just no set time to complete the game in

THANK YOU the screamo analogy is a perfect way to explain it

Im a littel kid i love this show!😂

No matter how certain of what you think now, it all turns to dust in the end.

I added the Floating University to my Universities on Facebook. These lectures, from these amazing teachers are great. I feel like I can satisfy my craving for knowledge without paying out of the ears for it.

Great video! EPIC artwork by Krill there! Really standout stuff.

a. – a severe recession.

Genny i just want to say i love your channel but please dont play this game

Alright, two more pages left on my motivator

Very interesting video.

But hey i’m not a native speaker so what do i know.

You guys are to happy to be teaching economics, we need the cold hard stare of John Green :,(

Don’t use there is. But then at 5:00 she herself used it.. This is “very” confusing and I “don’t” understand it.

Hmko na bahut naya words use karne ka shock hai, ex~head-cap


If it has ever been,

Quite a good talk. Really inspiring!!

( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)

It’s all for the sauce.

I’ve been trying to write a novel for the past 7 months, but I’ve barely gotten any work done until now. Thank you, these pieces really helped me out! Got six chapters done today. 🙂

This is gr8



He is so inspirational, I’ve seen a few of his videos and he doesn’t fight for black rights, white rights, or gay rights etc he fights for the world and for humanity. Every time I watch one of his videos I just get goosebumps because it’s so true and sometimes I hate to think that our world is coming to this and he is very much making a difference and he should be much much much more talked about and viewed because he has some very valid points and has something that every body should listen to.

Este juego me recuerda a…

Should have been spoiler alert XD

Well, last time I checked at least

Finally… he dead by alien thank you alien!

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Dopełniacz (Genetivus)

It was so worth staying up this late to copy all of these details, thanks GconplusDal

Why should he specify anything? He wasn’t writing in an academic journal, a magazine or a book. He was writing a private letter to a friend, a friend who knew exactly what he was talking about. Of course if he knew that a bunch of far right trolls were going to trawl his private correspondence to find quotations to rip out of context, he may have used more precise language.


Letting nature take its course?” An age old moral delima in jurisprudence

That was the longest “skrt” of my life

I have checked your website and it’s just something amazing I really want to thank you for your great effort and time you spending in giving us this tips and advises

कोशिश तो बहुत कि,की राज़ बयां ना हो।

Where is Arabic?

I have followed your advice and I get very good result in essay I got 18 marks out of 20 and it is highest marks

Great video. But it’s called a “Motif” not a “Motive”.

5. o kolesu

Step three: Auction house




Very useful

Kung Fu Superstar sounds like it would have been fun, but I imagine there is one huge logistical problem: Not everyone has a huge game room to play in. Consider the broken tvs from flying Wii controllers when people accidentally let go while waving them around. Can you imagine how much worse it could be if someone wrapped up in an intense fight on screen put foot, fist, or head through furniture, appliances, or broke their own console?

How could anyone dislike this film?

OMG, did they go and say increasing taxes, caused economic growth. Almost only possible by being an idiot and just manipulating equations. God dammit, why are economist so stupid in mathematics.

Thanks for sharing!

I tought this was meisjedjamila but i will never know

I’m on a whole different level of music

Does this also work for English Language GCSE?


Proud to be (proto) Indo-European!

Awesome Tony!

Is brusspup a girl?

Spyra dynasty. The Henckels & Co. have stolen the Spyra (hence the

I don’t understand how this would work exactly in the future, especially given the likelihood of automation taking over half of our jobs as you say; what would happen to all the human workers who would all be laid off? If they couldn’t find another job that still required human workers then would the government just let them all starve to death?

What is the difference between the Bibliography and References Sections in a dissertation? I noted that assignment brief for my program requires both and to the best of knowledge, they are one and the same thing.

Lol she’s not good at avoiding questions she just acts retarded, she’s just as autistic and trump haha

George Bush sure has changed

2:19 “It’s worth mentioning… unsafe and unfair working conditions, and environmental degradation can be ugly side effects of international trade; and we’re going to talk about that…” But not now, because screw people and the planet, money is all that matters. Once again you glance over the important issues as if they don’t matter.

4:28 wrong…



You know it makes sense.

I’ve tried it with my students, but it didn’t work!

Yo this was hot!!!!

Everyone: let them vote and be equals but you know better physically and mentally but humans created them so equals.

We watches this at school

If you want another depiction of Jerry’s way of see life I recommend a short Sandman issue and one of my personal favorites: “The Sandman N° 31 Three Septembers and a January”

Pretty cool using the Denmark example. The Danes them selves leave our the R in Denmark while in the neighboring Swedish language the R clearly heard, unless you live close to the Danish border 😛

Let’s get something clear;

Defenetly made by a women 😂

Really helped in my AS Economics exams

Or هلا

Gotta love the 480p

“Wanna go eat.”

Thank you so much for this video!! I understand it now!

1: enslaved slaves masters = white men of europeans like trump a looks likes! Beat zwip colored people till dead are follow cruelity tortment!

Harriet Tubman– I saved a thousand slaves. I could have saved a thousand more if they knew they were slaves.

Jack you sounded like gru from despecable me

And I’m so sick of everyone whining about Mickey Rooney! Face it, slanty stammering coke-bottle glasses wearing yellow-face chinky-chinky is fucking funny! Now as then! Get over it, it’s not a hate crime… 🙄



Typo: some normal females are masculine*

Ridiculous to play those two great scenes from Moby Dick and not put it on the list.

That just shows u, not to ever trust anyone, like the wife trusted those old ladies. Overall great movie!


Brain washer and manipulator with characteristics of very good smooth talker. If you want to debate me in person you can.

Is that actually Obama’s or is that a actor

You’d should do the doc Holliday accent from tombstone

You guys need to make your scripts less corny.

Get some Aurther Miller up in dis bitch!!


I started learning German for the fist time 1 year ago. And after 2 or 3 months I realized that it has no practical purpose for me. I simply don’t use it in my life. So I stopped. I’ll only continue if I move to Germany or something.

Good class

We increasingly value empirical evidence (the basis of science) above other information, they have entirely based communication on those principles – beautiful.

Where does thought come from? Think about it

Can you come to my country to teach me cuz my teacher is good but i dont understand him


Inventing names is not a science, it is a scam.

Turks in Iran are 27,000,000

All the best people are non-rhotic

Chinese is not a language! Haha.. so many are saying they’re learning or know it!



Very useful, excellent explaination, Thank you so much xx

Eminem is the best rapper of all time. Maximum respect to 2pac.

The funny thing is that you sound like an amateur, I expected more of you.

Very informative. Thanks

Zero Hour…

Only go for agree or disagree??

My child listend to young thug once and now he won’t stop smoking penises

This is enforced onto us by the Jews and only by recognising this as a group can we end it.

Awesome keep uploading

And Balto-Slavic may not initially pass through Thrace, or even worst to place it in Illyrian territory around Vinca culture (*8). It is true that the Baltics have had contact with the Illyrians, but considering that the Illyrian territory has expanded far north, this is understandable, before Slavic infiltration in between (*9).

Being bilingual makes me feel so smug

This is freaking assembly i swear

Your dum

I knew this was gonna be an amazing video just by the camera angle on the thumbnail 😛

Who’s here because of Dr. Horn?

“I could hear my heart beating. I could hear everyone’s heart. I could hear the human noise we sat there making, not one of us moving, not even when the room went dark.”



1+1 = 1? Maybe only in a mathematical illusion. 19:17 “Math allows us to abstractly predict and describe a lot of things in the real world.” In the real world no all the distances can be divided by 2. There is a minimum distance. There will be a maximum number of points. So, 1+1 =/= 1. So, infinity is merely a illusion, albeit as very persistent one. Where am I wrong?

I think morality is just a human construct to manage our relationships to each other as citizens of the earth. When you knowingly engage in a behaviour that takes something away from someone else without their consent, it is morally wrong

Awesome video! keep up the good work!

Fruitful and beautiful presentation. thanks a lot.

Wow… what a waste of paper…

3:14 Song Name?

Hello… I’ve been enjoying your videos and for the first time in my life, I actually seem to be liking economics because of them. Could you do 1 video on the demand and supply functions?

Jokes apart, thanks for the video.

This music helped me to concentrate on facebook instead of studying.

2). birth takes place and death is eminent.

I came up with an Idea for people who need new organs, they should have program that you can have legal organ swaps, if you need a kidney and that guy need a something, you cane swap and everyone lives

1) AOE

I expected the students to be Smarter.

Paradigms are a multitude of habits passed down from generation to generation.

I have zero interest whether she and anyone watching this is pro – or anti-Trump. What bothered me was this linguist made semantic and syntactical errors of her own, and made a few suppositions that were bad form for a professional linguist.

That last one was pretty cool. . .

Why don’t we ask Najib to watch this video?

If the first minute is anything to go by, these are the two most annoying people alive.

Hi, Regarding IELTS Academic Writing Task 1, should we report all the data from the graph or provide only summaries of main trends.

“This video is targeted to blind users.”



No one wants you to be happy. Others only can judge you. That’s why only we can find our life purpose.

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Shave your beautiful face brew life saver


Wow 1 million views..this is massive

We could just in a world where no one needs to do anything


This is called the ‘Talk Talk’.

Nice lets play. I like that you’re calmly narrating everything with useful information instead of trying to be loud/”funny”/obnoxious like other lets play people.

“Aliens wear purple hats, not blue…”

Dammit… I got my degree at the University of Calgary and regret not taking that guys Linguistics course. Sheesh sheesh.

Like bill nye of econ

Some regulation is still required, or we’d still have children working 18 hour days for pennies.

Everyone listening to this is writing an essay or stressing over some material…. Meanwhile in MY universe I-I’m just kinda writing a story. No pressure but my own annoyance…. O. o




This video was very helpful.

Whenever he says “believe me” he is lying, that is why he is saying it all the time. I hope his shady and ruthless private deals will soon reach the surface and then his co pilot, who lives in another Christian Universe, will take over the lead… well at least he is not as hateful, generally mean spirited, twisted and utterly dumb as DJT.

Perfect. Straight to the point. Gives good structure.. aaand thaank you.

‘For the girl with the very sharp wire? No problem.’

When the price goes down de Supply goes down and Demmand goes up

I’m trying to forget Arabic I hope people aren’t really gonna speak, also it was pretty clever saying that we might be speaking Arabic for reasons that are quite obvious, it cracked me up :’)

Loginthief is a facebook hacking tool go to www. RussianHackers. com built by hackers

Only made for the money

Why is Paul Rudd making videos about language?!?!! xD


I think what you hate about her is she doesn’t let idiot-liars manipulate the conversation. Death to the pedophile s… your time is short.


Oh my lord he was so calm back then

The ideological function of celebrities in today’s warped society is precisely to drive home the message that success, especially financial success, has nothing whatsoever to do with effort or talent.

Hmmmm… so she is saying that most American politicians sound highly educated and intelligent? Bush? Hillary Clinton? Bidon? McCain? Pelosi? Yeah right. Trump is sharper than all of those put together.

Wonderful photography and respectful story of time spent among Saami people.

Excellent administration and business courses are offered in WCC’s programs. They provided true life applications so that the concepts are immediately recognized and applicable to business circumstances of today. You can not ask for a better start for a secure and intelligent business and/or administrative career foundation.

Name of the song at 15:20?

Thanks for sharing, it’s really helpful:)