Pictures are worth thousands of words.

Mediocre interviewer but I am thankful he kept interruptions minimal and the questions were alright.

Yo spacex

Love this man such an inspiration he is!!!

Great video, thank you.

As faggety Martin is, and as much as I think he’s a piece of shit with a bad attitude, he would be the type to get you killed. Anyone with money and connections like he has could hire 10 professional hitmen in a heartbeat. Ghost would become a ghost. We’re talking on the level of Russian mob shit. That’s why he talks the way he talks. He can get people put on milk cartons…

A Top10 20th century novels should include novels from several corners of the world, not only the US and Britain. Besides, to name one of the Great American Novels as The Number 1 20th Century Novel (The Great Gatsby) is really biased. Although an amazing book, it is far from being the most original on this list, or the most influential on literature as a whole. It is not even the most universal story. If you don’t know American history, you simply don’t get it. A tad too specific for it to be universal.

I understand oversimplification is the order of the day in more introductory lectures, but the “always a trade-off” portion glossed over a point that needs to be repeated early and often: the “safety net” doesn’t COST money, it SAVES money. Every study indicates that, for instance, housing the homeless cost society less than keeping them on the street.

I would like to hear this music in the entro for now on.

How about space lunatics!!😈😈

+David Taylor could you teach us how to review an academic journal. Condensing the 18- 27page academic journals into a two page report. I am seriously struggling with this. Thanks.

Let someone try and treat me like that mmm they for sure will carry a beating that will not be forgotten fuck the caste system

If you can knock out all 17 Republicans and destroy the Democratic machine you must be amazing, believe me.

Really? 😒 You are too far away from physics, buddies.

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Thanks you to share your knowledge to me

MY EXAM IS TOMORROW AND IM SO SCARED because I want to do well for English A level next year! Any last minute advice?

I don’t want joe schmoe leading my country…………..daddy’s boy, no matter how much money you have, does not mean you are intelligent

You are lovely, brilliant teacher Sir!

I think it is because it would be killing 5 people or murdering 1

My favorite is definitely the president of Uruguay (1:15:04). He’s very wise.



But what about us? I believe that humans need to work to do stuff to feel like progress is made. When others do it for us, wouldn’t something we need to feel whole be missing? I want technology to improve but I also want humans to keep working to be content with the work they do. With the progress they feel that they are making.

Can we have a fantasy and scifi book list because this list is a bit stale and unrelatable to a decent part of this generation.

Rick would be a “no” man then. Alan Watts says you can either say “yes” to life or “no”. You can be like fuck it everything is constantly changing so whats the point? saying “whats the point?” is really a way of hiding an urge to find a point/meaning by brushing it under the carpet…”fuck it theirs no point”

This is a common misconception, but in fact the opposite of the truth. In the society stylized after Nozick’s theories, you have the ability to make changes when you encounter problems. For example, when there is too much power gained by accumulation of wealth, it is up to the rest of society to deligitimize the value of the currency and thereby their power. In Rawls socieity, you cannot do this because the state has made the power and wealth legitimate by law.

Earthbound concept in nutshell!

Sounds about right lol 🤷🏻‍♂️

The trouble with that type of essay format is that for some topics, 5 paragraphs is not enough to cover some subjects.

Prince, you’re genius… I pray someone is listening

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Thank you for this video you shared I’ve learn a lot

I actually love this. I wish my professors were as enthusiastic as you.

Nice lecture sir…. i think it will really help me in my LR…..will put all ur mentioned points in my head during my writing… Thank you sir 🙂

My points were 280. And i m 19. Its correct man.

No truer words has been spoken.

Çend xebatek xweş e divê her zana ji bo mirovatiyê temaşe bike.

I will be grateful if you can pose more other videos. This is amazing

Your disheveled hair makes very sexy….

Pls use earphones to record voice 🙂 it will be very clear.. without any echo

Go the extra mile: 20 employee engagement ideas –



This was a lovely perspective into day to day living of the Saami people as seen through the lens of someone who was there in both participation and as an observer..

I would like to understand that dollar trick though without the camera magic.

3 year old video blowing up? Why?>

My teacher brought me here.

We’ve known each other for so long

THIS WAS SO HELPFUL!!! You and my teacher are exactly the same so I really hope I get a wonderful grade. Thank you so much!! (:

When you’re President and You play Command & Conquer one time (dark humor) from gaming

Meiner Mutter ihr Buch (My mother (<- dative) her book)

Is there answer sheet of SSC CHSL DESCRIPTIVE PAPER contains BLOCKS for 250 words for writing an essay???

Would’ve like to have seen, Grapes of Wrath or Of Mice and Men

This just makes me do my homework without me even realizing it. I just get to work.

Nor about sexual promiscuity and incontinence, about porn, or vice in general.


Still waiting to see a debate over linguistic reconstructions and family groupings that isn’t bogged down with nationalistic fantasy and butthurt, lol This problem seems mostly to occur in IE family and any non IE(or debated if IE) languages that neighbor IE. I rarely encounter this sort of shit-slinging when reading about Sino-Tibetan or Austronesian. And lets face it, figuring out who’s mouth farting was the oldest and most infectious wont terraform mars or build fusion reactors.

(Ooh give you up)

It’s just purely words no actual demonstration. I would suggest an actual demonstration on this video so that learning would really occur.

The Alberta accent seems very similar to the British one, am I wrong?

Foreign Trade Effect

Does anyone know what a place is from 45:00? Or what this people are doing?



Shame india shame. i love islam no cast system all the people equal equal.

Every sad God give u peace.


Milk causes hair loss? Good thing I’ve stopped drinking it, maybe now I won’t go bald until my late 20s instead of my mid 20s. 😉

Well done. I understand (or I think I understand) existentialism better by watching this video than by reading wikipedia. Thanks man!

Crash Course on Byzantine & Modern Greek History (500-1453-1821-Present)

What a great insight on depression, how it’s the loss of vitality not happiness..this is going to help so many people especially now during the holidays. Well wishes to all who struggle.

Never mind philosophy, is English no longer taught in schools there, the comments below are woeful

I think the story “The Library of Babel” is a better example then the dictionary with every word. that story is a story of a library that contains every possible book (with X numbers of pages and Y number of characters a page). There for it contains every possible bit of information in the universe. 99% of the books would be gibberish though. Someone made it into a website though and i think he references that website, if not in this episode then another. I haven’t finished the video. But it was a book first.

Amazing video, he is great!

Trust me when I say that this is true

In German, nouns and their articles (or adjectives) change form depending on their case.

9. The Metamorphosis

I’m Chinese. When I was a primary school student, we learnt Canada English, I can remember teacher told us “Z” pronounced “zed”. But it’s changed about 2008, all Chinese became learn American English.

So B. It By Sarah Weeks

When the world knows beauty as beauty, ugliness arises

This helps, thank you! Try cashew milk next time, it’s better, lol!




Wow how awesome?

I love all of your videos, and I especially enjoy your Eastern Philosophy videos. I think that Eastern ideas and beliefs should be taught more in Western cultures.

Yea, he’s speaks like normal human being. And people like that.

Oh no! Infinite homework!

You damn fool!! Never, NEVER leave this book lying around! Don’t you have a safe? No, you don’t have a safe. Get a safe! Keep it locked up. And until then, keep it on you, like this.

I love your videos, I will excel at Macroeconomics thanks to all the work you have done. I appreciate you

Thanks for the tips 🙂

I’m sorry but this is crap, your description far exceeds the message your video delivers. I don’t connect to it at all. Oh, and surfing facebook pages all day doesn’t really help with the available spare time.

His german is pretty terrible and his english has some spot where it doesn’t sound native…but he grew up in brazil so that’s normal

Of his desperate needs.

Assistance: Mario’s guidance

“What we see through the eyes are not what is truly in the mind.”

Wow, your awesome. I wish you could teach all of my classes!

We might be seeing a new Ayatollah soon. Maybe a more Liberal one who is willing to be a bit more lax on enforcing hardcore Sharia then the last 2 have been.

3:11 – You just went and did your own intertextuality didn’t you?

I feel like comparing the Tao Te Ching to the Bible is a little misleading. Whereas the latter is essentially an anthology of stories that carry with them moral messages, the Tao Te Ching is more akin to a volume of poetry.

Always listening to Beethoven during Fallout 4😈

I watched this video. I really don’t want to be SCM. but I’ve exam tomorrow and want to pass it.

You made me a rock star in my class! B-)


This man is a joke. I never thought, I would say this as a progressive, but I kinda miss George W. Bush Jr., he was at least funny :/

“For you, a thousand times over”



Keep it up sir plgggg



Youre awesome

We are going too be that lazy and foolish in our future we are going to have robots actually live our lives and we be unemployable to live. we will be grazing the fields been sheep’s while the robots would be classed as a shepherd or god doing all of our thinking. fuck that

Alot of people talking about Joss Fong makes me feel like I am in a “4chan” or “gag” website. Sure she is beautiful but come on..

Whoever does the text supers needs to learn the difference between an apostrophe and a grave accent. The spacing in the contractions is seriously borked—to the point where it becomes a distraction, in a place where the speed of delivery doesn’t allow confusion.

Daddy i love you

Saddam Hussein will never attack Iran without western back.

More at:

Awesome teacher i have ever seen in my life…… it made it so easy to understand

Sooooo, I’m artistic and creative

If you were my lec I would be soooo looking forward to your classes. They seem fun Lol😂

According to Rawls, on the decision of weather or not there should be a draft, couldn’t one reflect a true Veil of Ignorance if a vote by the people, and not congress, about weather or not we should go to war?

Just awesome summarization :DD



The background music made me remembered the world trade center attacked. Sad background music 🙁

There is a book called Dead Ends were it has two kids looking for there dads

Jack has changed (with enthusiasm and loudness) a lot over the years

You could had a better openning get the duel low allumiun and iron mine and than the silicon and carbon mine.

Nice video btw

A trendy cut scene sequence would afford more credibility and viewer engagement.

You need a psychiatrist not a bull shit and bias linguist.

I just started online Master’s courses and turned in a paper that I thought was killer. Mind you, I have been out of school for a decade now…anyhow I found out I failed because I basically turned in a summary. I was supposed to write an analysis of an essay of a writer who was defending a previous book. I got it all wrong. This was quite helpful thank you!

This video is very very helpful to me as I am a visual learner and need to write a research proposal

I will find this pretty interesting and maybe funny to watch bcs im a toxic memelord that will trigger everyone :^)

The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan didn’t even make the voting list? The hell is wrong with you people!

Sarmatian-Celto-Slavic-Aryan Griffin clan (also cofounders of the

The constant disatisfaction ibelive is owed due tolack of concentration

Holy shit you sounded like Gru in the intro.

As to the content of your claim, it doesn’t seem that meaningful to me. Swedish law is incredibly idealistic and they have lower crime rates and less corruption than most countries. Christianity and the United States are both based on ambitiously idealistic notions.



Being British, and having a Northern english accent, one of the MANY we have(in some places you can get down to the street where a person lives, or a part of a town), I once went to a Renaissance fayre in texas and they used a “british” accent well being from here i heard intonations from every single place. it amused me and hurt me at the same time. later on i met someone in one of the malls in america and he was from 8 miles from where i lived in the UK, and as we spoke our accents got broader and broader, more dialect based and the people we were with got confused as they couldnt understand the accent. As if we were speaking another language.

OK I do not support the notion that a genius is ‘created’ by education. Some are born to this brilliance and some are not. But even a genius can be an uneducated person if they grow up in isolation.

American privlige is what this is. Ok, facts. Nobody is stopping women from going into STEM. Nobody stops men from going into the creative arts or womens studies fields. Yes it is annoying hearing about a shirt with boobs on it for the first time since the 5th grade. Please do not tell me that I take pleasure in womens struggles because I disagree with your well groomed opinion. Here’s why I don’t like it. DISPITE THE INTENTIONS OF ACTIVISTS, THIS MAN, THIS TOTAL DORK WAS BULLIED AND HARRASED UNTIL HE CRIED APPOLOGIZING TO THE PUBLIC. The people behind have a lot in common with the people behind This kind of public humiliation and forced morality is childish and pathetic. On both sides.

Im suprized how famous she is.

I liked the way he said I was going to win with my essay.

The community shouldn’t have accepted thug.

The funniest shit I’ve seen in weeks

Why are the hosts talking like 1st grade teachers? I feel like crashcourse just took a nosedive in quality because of this series.

But not in agricultural Europe of the Middle Ages, NOT in natural tribes in Africa and the Americas,

Tom Sawyer

Very helpfull

What am I afraid of losing? FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. I find it ironic that people complaining about his shirt tend to also be for abortion and use the excuse “its my body I can do what I want” so let the man wear what the fuck he wants then! Its his fucking body its not like you’re gonna get fucking cancer or some shit -_- Its pathetic that people complain about such meaningless stuff The other day I was kicked out of a store because one of my tattoos is a girl in a bikini riding a motorcycle and when I asked the lady why. she said “its offensive and you’re objectifying women” thing is that the tattoo is supposed to be my girlfriend (she likes to ride my bike in a bikini 😉 When I told her she went red but still kicked me out (I think she just was to embarrassed to have me stay XD)

So wheres the protoss?

Nice teaching

The professors lecturing and on spot teaching ability is amazing. Great job.

Lol, oh alex, you sassy little thing!

Yes, Comletely agree, he looks loke Obama very much. :-)) And he is great on explaining things….Awesome!



Your name is very Scandinavian! I thought for sure you were Norwegian before you spoke.

Thank you, this information was fantastic for my last minute essay

Imagine if animals and trees can talk I wouldn’t be surprised if they say they want humans to disappear I feel helpless😓

This is exactly what my trail of thoughts have been during my teens to now; so now I have a word for it, I guess😏

Dont get the part where the supply shifts to S1….does it really shift? It can’t because if the suppliers increase their supply their prices increase right, so the people who then were able to pay the equilibrium price cannot pay the current price!!

The joker only breaks out because it’s relevant to the story/sales of the comics.

“Your scent is like a drug to me

The priest predicted that he would either become the emperor of ” lumbini” a place in Nepal where buddha was born and where is father was king, where he was prince. Not the emperor of india….or either he would become a monk. the king of India ” ashoka” came to Nepal during the time of king “sthunko” during kirant dynasty and became buddhist. His daughter ” Charumati” was married to prince of one of the state of Nepal.

I am a junior in high school and this video has answered the questions I’ve always had about the structure of an essay for so long! The outline is so clear now, it’s like a whole new world!! Seriously I love your humor – it’s hard to make an educative video be enjoyable and you absolutely nailed it! Subscribed 🙂

You can stroke my PVC pipe anytime 😉

Thank you so much. I finally understand this such easy concept.

Thank you. You did a great job. I found it very helpful.

Is Mike the most gorgeous man, or what? Handsome, intelligent, funny, dorky… I drool every time.

Think about how the tongue is curving. To pronounce the “ou” in “house” or “about”, the tongue curves upwards, like the end of a canoe, whereas the way they’re pronounced in the US (at least in Wisconsin) the tongue is curved downward to meet the roof of the mouth to complete those sounds, like a wave that hasn’t crested. I’d imagine that the use of the French language would have something to do with the way that played out

It’s simple, Jesus. Jesus was the perfect sinless human being, he was perfect and good. If people just were to be good, to is problem could be solved.



All that training has caused it so much stress thats why it has been shedding and plucking its feathers

What if I tell my kid about death at 5 years old in a very literal way(i. e. your body stops working and begins to rot away into nothing), bringing them this knowledge sooner than 8?

I got a self – assessment essay… (someone kill me)

Judging by the video, they were from Ural

Thanks for opening my eyes!

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Battles and wars….. the Earth will recover.

Plz upload hsc economic module

In above case which conflict management Techniques is used?

Man, I never knew that ch sound in German was so easy thanks for the tip, even if it wasn’t intended

Why is the volume so low? I couldn’t hear anything with the AC on. So I hit next.

3:18 this is my favorite part in this video

(Mika dances)

You do realize you admit to being the problem along with mankind

Puta madre tio, gracias

Young thug: huninsncjdnsnsjdndjsjdnfjxjdjddjd

Associate fighter belly friendship fast violent turn after.

The girl is such a great actresses cuz i hate her fucking guts

I just wish this video had the citations for the information that they used 🙁

Now come together as a family with all the fatherless blacks or u a racist

This is awesome right now I’m taking notes on this! Yay

bloodthirsty justice listen carefully!!!!.