I think more effort should go into crafting a quality story to give new films longevity. Nobody is going to watch Jurassic World in 20 years because Jurassic Park is so much better. Nobody is going to watch Terminator: Gyenisiys when T1 and T2 are vastly more entertaining due to their nature of simply being well-made movies.

Wow! I’m speechless!

4. [kx]

Please put video on AD and AS too!! pleaseee!!! it would be great help… please let me know..when you ll do that i can wait with petience

This is super interesting. Maybe I’ve had too much whisky.

What this pollution are they afraid of? in which way will they get polluted?

Scrolls through comments, hoping not to see: “Okay?” “Okay.”

Other people gave a lot of tips, but I was as confused as Jack tbh

I am so exited for you!!!!

Dennis Reynolds telling me about movie accents?

No open letter?

Delivered on it… please, there is close to no features in PA xD

I know Chinese and English, and Chinese doesn’t have inflections at all. Makes the grammar a piece of cake, but makes learning other languages a headache because of things like this.

Should I have to choose to write why I think the problem has risen in first place in one paragragh?

“the reservation system discriminates against the upper class”

This is stupid and gay.

I’ve heard it has some similarities to Esperanto (another con-lang [That’s been around for quite a while], that the Box Ghost spoke in Danny Phantom)

When a documentary makes you cry 6 minutes in, you know, that you’re in for a ride

1:08 Fat guy: USA People carrying USA: Mexico


Does anyone know who’s the person at 1:15:05?



Good job

7:35 is that Viserys?

Holy moly this is a ride.

She just HAD to say something about the case and, rather strangely,

I already have a problem with the begging of this… not all humans want to exploit and dominate what is around them……

I think that the criticism against Matt Taylor went way too far. Making him break down into tears while apologizing from the backlash. I’m annoyed by the guy’s shirt and wish he didn’t wear it, but he was traumatized rather than truly understanding what he did wrong.

I totally agree with the message of the video. I am so underutilizing available technology – especially the free one. I always have some electronic device on me that can do at least email, web browsing, editing MS Office documents, organizing calendar, listening to podcasts, participating in conf calls and webinars. I am in grad school now but I only occasionally get a chance to use that technology as a student

All the sins are in the Islamic commands

This game looks awesome, I hope it reaches its Kickstarter goal…

3: If the organs weren’t a 100% match the body would reject them.

Psychology isn’t a pseudoscience anymore, not for a long time. The fact that you can say such things shows your total ignorance on social sciences and their methodologies. It isn’t an exact science, like the ones you mentioned, but those have nothing to say about gender. Because gender is a term derived from social sciences. You confuse gender and sex. They’re not the same thing. You purported that all boys always play with ‘male’ toys, which simply isn’t true.

I love how you make academics seem like a craft!

What about the implication

I just started watching this Eco series and it took you 11 and so minutes what my teacher did in 3 sessions. I’m not saying my teacher did a bad job, but many of my classmates wouldn’t have had such a hard time if you way were our teachers. I’m actually gonna share this with my friends, I know they’re gonna love it so thanks for your hardwork and the quality content 😀

We are creating the bots to do work for us, when the time comes where large numbers are unemployed, they won’t need to be because bots will work for us. It’s not some scary fate, it’s literally what we’ve been working towards. Inventions making our lives easier until we have to do nothing.

Hay un easter egg o estoy fumado? xq en los paquetes hay letras y dicen palabras en el segundo nivel dice load program



That’s my assessment as a person that hopes to continue to take many many notes on your videos and very much enjoys them.

100 years of solitude.

I demand USD’s and supply EUR’s.

Congratulations, you’ve collated all the common myths about body language into one place.

Thanks for posting this, it’s very informative but it might have to watch it again! I’m studying Scottish Gaelic and they use Genitive case a lot to show possession and for other possessive like functions such as “color of the house” becomes “the house’s color”. Plus nominative and dative case. My teacher uses these terms without really explaining what they mean. So this video is really helpful.

Let’s say that you are a farmer. You grow crops, you sell your crops and then you earn money from which you get other vital services like medicine, or court. You need them because you are a human being. A human being needs things, but a robot does not. A robot does not contain life within it, but a human being does and to sustain that life a human being needs things. A human at the same time is not a very smart object like a robot, it cannot learn as fast as a robot. So it specializes on a certain activity, and earns a translation factor i. e money, so it can get all the services it needs for it’s survival. It’s not money per se that a human being needs, but the services for it’s survival and comfort.

Hi everyone,,i am looking for partner, male or female to practice english speaking,,please find me on skype by phone number :+966550790713

“Frizon, a chill”

Existentialism? don’t even get me sartred


Aweeee man… thank you. so good to know there’s other people like myself. I can’t tell you how incredibly difficult it is to go through my day and talk to other people, when this is the stuff that fills the majority of my thoughts and most people I come across are more interested in badmouthing eachother or the kardashians or some other shit…. anyway thanks again, it was infinitely awesome ; )

Who remembers club penguin?!

Wow, this is amazing. 😀

Well my job just quadruple cause I’m a technician that’s repairs machines with computers to bad for the rest of you guys.

But more importantly I am still unable to do the thing with my pinky and thumb.

Under 301 club

1:36 Hidden Hand acknowledged

Man, if only they knew what they were missing.

Since there not adding dubstep can some please make a mod for that 😀

Thank you 🙂 Yes I should have stated in the video that to get good at this you’ll have to practice. I’m working on some practice videos now to help people. They’ll be free of course.

1.) What about over stimulation?

This crap sucks why you listen too it go listen to pop music

Excellent video. more please



: whatever

@TheAviationfreak–Yes, the same general principles should apply. The ultimate source for how to format a lit review would be a previously published example in your target publication or class. Good luck!

I’m really sad that this got cancelled. It looked like an AMAZING new idea

I think your energy helps the teaching process too, most video tutors are really low-pitched and sound too technical, and it doesn’t really help me, thanks a lot

So is masturbating morally correct if you pleasure yourself and others? 😂🔫

So that’s why any questioning of feminist’s authority results on autistic screeching an accusations of bigotry! we are taking from them the pleasure of asserting dominance by acting as moral arbiters of society thus as everyone else’s moral superior, they don’t like to be told “this position you hold as dogma is as valid as anyone else’s, and your blog, or your first year of gender studies, or your pamphlet-assembled talking points, don’t give you the right to pass judgement onto anyone or to police anyone’s thoughts”

I could imagine obama watching this and cracking the fuck up with joe

It’s bothering. It is “Taoism” but pronounced Daoism. It is Tao Te Ching and pronounced as Dao Dûh Jing. 🙂


He sounds like a professional English teacher but in reality, he’s a photoshop pro.

Final tmr 0_o

Http:// html

Ive said this before,,,,,… a controlled enviroment when others have the advantage or are with you under durress, its so easy to make someone listen,,,,but when no one is around,,no consequences for telling him stf up,,,his theories wont work,,,,,

Your rhyming is excellent I must say.



Frodo is a hobbit not human

This is so fucking fascinating to me.

Thanks, it was helpful and useful too. I appreciate your help, I hope to discover more from you, especially on listening section 4 (hints, tricks, ,,),

Assume k is in this sequence. If k is for example the 1650th number in our progression, then we look at it’s 1650’th digit. We haven’t created that digit yet, so here we take a look at our possibilities:

What about Game of Thrones?????

‘When we hear Donald Trump speaks’? Really, this person is a linguist?

“The truth resists simplicity.”

He basically told the story of zelda

Read Now Please

I’m doing a-levels at the moment and I have no interest in English anymore but i’m still watching this video aha xx

For example if the name of a person is Zoran in the vocative it would not be ”hej Zoran” (hey Zoran) it would be ”hej ZoranE”…It changes…If the noun is ”brat” (brother) it would be ”hej bratE” etc. 🙂

Nevertheless it’s a film worth watching for sure 😊

Exactly. And there are an awful lot of people who are woefully ignorant of some very basic English grammar and spelling (and other) rules.

Thank you Miss Liz, but the words were very small and crowded

Yea more income 11,849,105

Anyway, I don’t think feminism has anything to do with equality anymore.

You’re awesome really good teacher… :>

Lastly, are the men who AGAIN have the state of Mind, BUT on different paradigm as that of. They emphasize on the separation of their inner from the outside. They realize the “link” of INTELLIGENT WILL, connecting their inner Self and outside world or Prakriti, making them best fit to ACTUALLY bring visible change in this world.



If you are interested in knowing more about those issues, I recommend you to read Jared Diamond’s “Collapse” which amongst other subjects deals with cannibalism, and also Steven Pinker’s “Better Angels of our Nature”, the latter one is about the improvement of our humanity by time. Pinker has also written “The Blank Slate”, a book about the human nature in general.

Hail Baphomet..

This is a longthink.

10cerrar la puta boca…………..tvputas, tvputas, tvmierdas, tvputos, tvhijos de su puta madre

George H. W. Bush (senior not George W.), Reagan, Carter, and apparently even Nixon, did reportedly take actions to help the bottom 80% against the top 20%, e. g., incarcerating some of the S&L criminals, despite campaign contributions. Unfortunately, after George H. W. Bush things have gone downhill with presidents.

This is “The Thunderchickens”, an all-ages comic that portrays issues like father/son relationships and mental health.come show your support!

Daniel Day kills it…..period

You are way better than my econs prof

If I make ask, what if my research does not have any related literature?

I would counter the idea that education is a public good under the simple classification that there are private providers who can make a profit off of it (There are even $1 a day schools setting up shop in Africa providing education that the state cannot). Even a infrastructure projects can be funded by the private sector if they can charge people entry fees like with toll roads (Though this doesn’t extend to local roads).

Arabic is very complicated

I guess this is ‘general’ but in my experience a lot of body language is culturally specific. For example, in Japan people bow rather than shake hands. The list goes on. Otherwise it was interesting, but needs to be done again at a slower speed.

This a How german

Chances are you belong to the world’s bilingual and multi lingual culture…. yay!



Yay! Joseph Campbell! =D This episode was fascinating! Really, I loved it! Theory is very interesting. I’m gonna read more on it later. Thanks, Crash Course! You guys make learning even more fun than it already is. =)

Everyone chooses lose yourself. Pick a different Eminem track.

Read more

Lmao 1:20 There are Four reasons

I don’t get the game at all

Automation like robots in the future can conquer the whole world.

The need for law to be enforced in the face of internal or external

What the hell! I’m Hungarian and I’m shocked embarrassed that I did not know about how racist India is. How on earth India can get way with this? Westerners are totally in the dark about this. I feel like I want to vomit after watching this movie.

Rawls is wrong. The Veil of Ignorance is meaningless, since our real decisions are (supposedly) rational and informed.

I am taking college comp again for the first time again in 14 years. After writing in the business corporate world for 10 years, I was scared to re-learn the old fashioned way! I will be watching all of your videos! This is the best! I was searching online pre class next week. I was instantly Grabbed and within 2 min got all the tools I need to produce great papers this semester. I am sooo excited. Thank You!

Vox news channels propaganda tactics explained (soros puppets)

Hi, can i do paraphrasing first then concessions, i know cant be done in all topics but if any topic where both can be good to go so can i do that, bcz by this my introduction of 40 to 50 words it will complete easily, what you suggest it will give me good band score?

You call it a PVC pipe. I call it a wand

What does she say at 0:27 ?

My whole body is Coverd in goosebumps omg good job man

Tony, thanks for changing my life drastically.

Dose green screen skillz are insane tho. Made my nipples real hard

I’m in middle school

So beautiful and smart bird! Bravo!

You Don’t Even Know by Sue Lawson

My teacher showed this in class

2. to the world =



Speaking – 90

“OMG humans are so horrible, we’re ruining the Earth and killing all the cute animals whaaaaa why do humans even exist”

Powerful than the protection of the individual freedom of consenting

20:51 *is an elegant accomplishment (or) is a charming thing; et al.

Soon, very soon……..

3:39 …Are you kidding me? That’s Harvard?

Who is dis dude hes man corny why they got him reporting this

I never get bored of trump’s grammar. He has so much grammar. Its yuge. I think he delights in being different

Thank u sir

You deserve nothing more than getting buttfucked idiot.

And it is quite irritating to hear Orange’s ineptitude described in such an admirative fashion.

My economics teacher is smokin hot but she’s horrible at teaching…or maybe I just get distracted.

Nerdwriter’s piece on how Trump speaks is much better…

Derrida please!

How does this channel not have over 1 billion subscribers? Every video is so illuminating and informative and I am finding answers to questions that were so confusing. Bravo!!!!

@thecritiquevirtuoso Zou niet willen zeggen dat Nederlands voor buitenlanders gemakkelijk is, maar wel dat ze moeite moet doen om Nederlands te leren. In de interviews in deze reportage spreekt ze Frans, wat haar niet veel verder zal helpen. Ik ben met de Vlamingen eens dat ze ofwel Nederlands moet leren, ofwel weg moet blijven. Ik ben een paar keer in Brussel geweest wat al behoorlijk verfranst is. Als ik naar Wallonië ga, kunnen de Franssprekende Belgen ook eisen dat ik Frans ga leren.

Sir i cant find ur utility and demand chapter plz upload sir

This was super interesting and very well argumented!

I ❤️ your videos! They help me a lot! Thanks a lot! 🙏🏻😉

But when you reduce interest rates you decrease the value of rupees and have trouble with imports. It also increases the inflation. You need to suck in huge debt to have cash influx. But I AGREE WITH DR. SWAMY



A lot of words are fingerspelled. I wonder why…

Dupa unii istorici latina si romana se trag din aceeasi limba porto-romana. sau altfel sopus dintr-o romana veche; si ca romana de fapt ar fi singura limba continuatoare a acestei limbi, asta dupa surse de la Vatican. Apoi o alta mare inexactitate, in film, limba romana apare cica de-abia in sec 12-13!?! o alta inexactitate e ca Transilvania e locuita de vorbitori de o alta limba decat cea romana(ne-indo-europeana) Shame on you to spread such errors.

I appreciate the use of conversational language to relate to people. However, when you talk “government business” you need to step-up your use of language that effects billions of people’s lives. In order to do that you need a real education. You need to have an organized intellect. You need to see beyond your own needs and see the needs of the “whole.” Those who support him like that “good ‘o boy talk” Talk that holds the growth and development of this country back. They carry torches instead of candles. They incite violence (Charlottesville) war (North Korea) and fear (getting rid of Obama Care) because they know nothing else. This is how they operate. Violence. War. Fear. They are OBSOLETE! We don’t need to replace Obama Care, we need to replace their stinking thinking.

Beethoven’s face is creeping me out.

Ugh… Top ten lists are very very tough

Southern Road Primary School Board

Great Lecture on human beings “Moral” values..

They predicted number1 xd

I was so shocked and amazed to find out my story follows this cycle.

I don’t have a hand writing, I are an illiterate persons.

Super pic is that it was great Super movies

Great video

1. No mention of Nationalization of oil industry by Mossadegh in 1953.


Wow, you seem like you really enjoy all of this…

Pls bring out those great points for the burning topics

I kept looking at the symbol on the board going doctor who? Should I fangirl? Should I just pretend I don’t see it? But it is beautiful galifraian (sorry spell check doesn’t work on words from doctor who)

Introduce sir watch role adjust rate german walking after usual

This video is very good!!!! no, f*cking good.

Woah! Launch so soon? Awesome!




Pretty good! Thanks!

In summary, from the analysis given, it is clear that attaining a healthy body is a culmination of exercising, eating right, leading stress free lifestyle as well as properly hydrating ourselves through proper daily fluid intakes.

This should be Modern EducaShaym

2. You said kapla in a way too happy of a manner for Klingon… Makes it sound fucking weird.

Love Alex!

2. You said

So now we should look for the new form of energy that will unite more of us. In a way I see it happening, with trade agreements and places considered the same such as “Muslim world” or “western world” or the “east” example is the Paris attacks United many westerners from many nations of course the entire world came to France’s tragedy but I feel as if the west felt it more. So a type 1 would unite us all

Is he John green?

At this point i give 0 fucks about the world. i’ll just live throught this shit and die. nothing matters but people still care about other people.

My favorite one of all time

Why is the title in portuquease

In spain most of us are bilingual since born, bc we live in regions that have 2 oficial languages and in school they teach us with both languages. Then we learn english and french/portughese. For some people it’s still considered a handycap to be bilingual (with thoose regional languages like catalan or euskera) even some politicians said that it’s pointless to teach those lenguages. What do u think?


This mans a gansta, his real name is Clarence…

Everyone type in the chat Alex is a stupid

This linguistician is both banal and naive. Drumpf uses ‘Believe me..’ to preface some utterance that is going to be a breathtakingly egregious LIE even by his standards.