But why does the price go up as the quantity goes up?

Lao Tzu gets me.

I’m here because Xisuma just talked about this on his stream. I’ve not seen your videos before. Subbed

Codes :

Come on the walking dead is way more worthy

This is amazing

Expect this difference to somehow colour their production of knowledge in some ‘queer’ way.

Quite usefull information xD xD

Spotify release pls

All this to say the nigga freestyles

I was really expecting crash course to have a more critical stance. Maybe this seems balanced to an american 30+ years after Reagan, to a european it’s bordering capitalist propaganda.

And stop sending those low caste eastward, stop racist between indians.

Sir aap tution dete ho kya….

Why can’t you be mine teacher!


Could I use, I still overwhelmingly…………….

To runs Business.. Country or Anything well….

You decide your end destination it’s Heaven or Hell. Your either with Jesus Christ or you depart from Him. It will not be easy to follow after Jesus Christ but stay loyal even unto death and your reward will be great in heaven.

Eccentric, and has a strange obsession of hats….I hope she doesn’t wear


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