I like your way of teaching

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Thank you Emma 🙂

The right thing to do, hmmmm, this has to be heading towards Socialist justice, otherwise this line of questioning is rediculous!

Damn thanks a lot!

Make this shit. That is all.

Thank you Sir, it is very kind of you to upload your lecture.

I assume the cartoonist is also the creator of the illustrations seen in Jacobin Magazine? The style is the same…

I really appreciate you doing the Tax episode. Taxes are so important in our current societal structure. They dominant how we decide what (parts of) our own personal incomes are going to be contributed to. I’ve been an advocate for the same pay-rate for all government workers – i. e. those who get paid via taxes (Teachers, Members of Paliament/Government, Doctors etc…) – because so much of that tax money is wasted on over-paying people, that could be better used for education, health and welfare. People often mention the need for a high-pay because of “high level stress jobs” but free health care via those taxes would solve needing to pay those people a higher income. A one pay rate system would also remove incentive to work just for the pay which puts people into jobs they really shouldn’t be in, and instead move people towards jobs they are passionate about. I’m not talking about removing capitalism from society, as people’s own endeavours should create their own wealth, only that taxes be used more constructively for improving society, instead of paying for people to improve society.

Thanks. Now I’m noticing pure black a lot more in films lmao. And it is more aesthetically pleasing than the mush I see in other videos that don’t have them.

This is so helpful! Thankyou!!! Please do Maths and Science too! Maybe even RS and Languages? I did a thumbs up for the vid and my Twitter is @/IzzyMcFletcher

In Spanish we pronounce Br

“My Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun…”nicki minaj

The Puritans were fully communist from 1620 to 1623. After converting back to a market type of system they began to thrive.

सुधांशु त्रिवेदी जब भी जवाब दे रहा है या संस्कृति के खूबी बता रहा है या आने वाले फ्यूचर वौइस् कमांड के बारे में बता रहा है

I like the music & the HR 🙂

Little Women, Frankenstein, and Slaughter House Five didn’t make the list. I am quite disappointed.

This has been of so much help. you might be fast but i understand the concepts better than my lectures. Thank you.

God I luv strategy games

What is this woman on about???!!! She insults us all.

I love it!

Really well illustrated.

Later efforts to civilize the Germanic androphagi led by the

Nice video sir and very big thanks sir


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