Too many paragraphs in the books,

Check out the crow puzzles and the talking ravens, they are amazing.

I like Obama. Bush puts us in debt and Obama did a good job in trying to get us out of it.

Thank you.

Happy teacher’s day sir ji.

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I lost interest too much rambling, i’ll take a couple of the points

Good catch..😂😂

Show this in every classroom right fucking now

Nice SIR

Swiss German is any of the Alemannic dialects spoken in the German-speaking part of Switzerland

I’ve never seen anyone put a circle over the t that’s ridiculous

God i wish i knew about these videos sooner

Mosadeg nationalised the oil to improve the lives of the people, that’s why he was ousted.

Sanskrit which is considered the mother language of many Indian languages has eight cases: nominative, accusative, instrumental, dative, ablative, genitive, locative and vocative. I feel that it actually simplifies the language rather than complicate it.

R. I.P Chester Bennington

I know how to programm and watch your struggle iis sooo… cringe

Jack you kind of have the same eyes as Markiplier, do you have Asian in you?

In my opinion, whatever had happened, they should NOT punished for it.

What about Shawshank Redemption :(. Lame


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