My dna revealed I’m related to these people. they’re my direct ancestors. so awesome.

Carlos, call me (◕‿-)

If we eat chickens, why not dogs, dolphins, or babies?

Can you please give the presentation that how to end or how to write conclusion to finish the essay.

Hi Liz,

Imagine his exgirlfriend watching this

“size and speed very important for a certain activity”

I hope they sponsor you, this is the third time I’ve watched you play a new game and needed to play it immediately

Great help

There is no evidence that any of these activities ever produce positive results.

this is the much-promoted message, and the Reimer case was crucial in pushing this narrative.

I am learning Spanish and my biggest problem so far is I cant roll my R’s

Fun fact this helps with sleeping too!

I’m multilingual since young. I never know what it’s like to speak only one language, sometimes I wonder what it’s like because language affects us in many ways. Living in a country of many languages, sometimes if you say something in a different language and the person replies in another language, they still understand each other xD

Its a great pleasure

Huw can you suput hilla-e sandhas!


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