Wow!!! He just took me back to the basis of why I’m adamant in empowering the boy child and being a successful entrepreneur. “Human beings contribute when they get a chance to experience but not talk about it.”

I want to study in this university and I will. I love it

Happy or miserable,

Future you scary

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I love Joseph Gordon-levitt 🙂


(end quote)

I wanna to all vidio

Thank u sir

Man I didn’t said start a rap battle

The only reason she is called good, is because you keep asking the idiot questions.


Really Love this but i need chinese sub to send to my all lovely friends. Plz, this need more views from people don’t know English.

Yeah. Religion always getting in the way of education and modernization as we just clearly saw

I immediately thought of Neverwhere. A book by Neil Gaiman I read a while ago. The hero there starts in his ordinary world, that of ours, he spends a good time within the unfamiliar, but, instead of him going back to his ordinary world, he stays in the unfamiliar voluntarily.

Read them all, love every single book!



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