This is awesome

Even this won’t keep the thoughts away.. they’re everywhere.

Thank you in advance.

Awesome, I wish I watched this video in beginning of the semester.

1960’s version is much better

A womans smile. Over the years I have been very attracted to a wonderful smile.

Do Frankenstein.

Noam; in the belly of the Beast.

You should do H. P. Lovecraft, an immensely interesting and thought-provoking writer from the 20th century.

It’s totally fine if you’re a man who wants to be a girl or vice versa, but that doesn’t make it so. I jump around roaring and want to be a velociraptor, that doesn’t make me a dinosaur.

Thanks you tell very niccc…

Thank you!

Back to faith

I agree that education is one of the most contributing element when it comes to the development of any country.

You’re really cool and I look forward to watching every new video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience! Everyone appreciates it. 🙂


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