Really nice video, thank you for the effort 🙂

Too much French and Russian. Predictably pretentious.

Lol terrible ideology and disregard for societal advancement. Letting crazy people run around to harass and scare people, publicly executing people? lmao. I know this is a simplified version of his philosophy but…

Emerson’s philosophy seems to be a mere re-stating of Spinoza’s thoughts – rationalism & pantheism.

Great summery of body language and presentation! keep up the good work

I can’t make eye contact because I have a lazy eye and they get creeped out


This is amazing and the man that inspired me did a video for this guy! amazing stuff @mgebbs

He dead seems like a chill nigga I dun kno am I tweakin or some shit

In Egypt they are banned and several of their reporters were jailed for spreading propaganda that enabled the Muslim Brotherhood to get elected

Fake Hair. Wig Looll


Я хочу практиковать русский язык больше и тоже учусь украинский язык.

How did I not hear of the black glove. Looked great.

I’m Romanian and the bears eat we.


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