I really wish u can come to my house and give me a 24 hour lesson about English and all the things u know thanksssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gona Sabes que hay un Juego de Aventura gráfica Llamado Minecraft Story Mode Es muy parecido a Minecraft y También es muy divertido Se trata básicamente de Minecraft Pero solo que en modo Historia Deberías Probarlo y subirlo 😛


Thank you so much I needed to know this because I’m doing to have a test 🙏

Nice i needed some new books to read. please everyone go check out my ebook, you will not regret it.

Awesome.. this is learning in a fun way.. !! THANK YOU DAVID.

Almost all schools ask for an admissions essay when you’re applying in college or university. ivy research is a great help in writing admission essay that get noticed. just Google ivy research

To all the people who are offended, we do talk like this. She is not talking about his offensive statements, she is not referring to his content. However, this rambling and going from topic to topic, I realized I see plenty of people do this. Granted some people do it more than others but it is common.

Like if you are listening to this while writing fanfictions!

Thanks sir

So, mam I request plz upload video on microeconomics (1st chapter introduction)

Well done! Season 3 continues to comfirm what you stated.

You’re right. Men NEVER pressure each other about ANYTHING. O. o That’s ridiculous and you know it. and feminists HAVE fought for equality in child rearing, in changing gender roles for parenting, for men to take the responsibility of their children seriously and compassionately. read jezebel article “if I admit that hating men is a thing will you stop turning it into a self-fulfilling prophesy”. and having a children will be equal when men can give birth or women can force men to have surgery

Regarding the case with the trolley car where one has to chose between crashing into 5 workers or one worker. Question to those who would change direction to crash into the 1 worker – would you also do that if that guy would be somebody you know, a good friend or maybe your brother?

This shit is so slam-dunk in favor of Rawls, it’s funny. I think the question falls under simple morality. Nozick is a douche. Why are there Douches in our political body? Is it natural to be a douche…in large consensual numbers?

Please showing more things about writing

You’re a doctor. You can treat a patient with drug A or drug B. Drug A is very effective, reducing the 5-year likely hood that the patient dies from any cause by 8% (including the effect on his disease, old age, car accidents, side effects of drugs, etc.). That being said, drug A also has a minor chance of causing a patient’s death through colapse of his immune system. This is a low chance that doesn’t offset the 8% improved survival.

Sir what is the price of ur book

If I get 5 on AP Micro Economics, It’d be thanks you!! Thank you so much for these videos

I don’t usually like the theme of literature, or language clases but since its from you il give it a try 🙂

No it didn’t matched to myself

Very helpfull

Also analysis papers have no opinions. they use evidence to prove things.

You guys gotta do “Tanya the evil”!


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