Arabic, French, English, Spanish and I’ll start chinese next year 😀 More you learn, more you get good at it

This was awesome. hope you have a Merry Christmas Kris!

So funny how charlamagne plays the race card

@phatcorns Aliens my friend, aliens…

Camile 🙁

My uncle molested me when i was twelve

Southern accent is the worst in my opinion, sounds unsophisticated and incorrect to a french person

How about that awesome Lowes commercial!

You talk to fast to understand

This is so wrong, i’d go out of my way to listen to gossip

The Video says all

It is very nice to see videos like this causing much expanse in interest of buddhism in the west. Buddhist teachings are applicable to all beings from the most sinfull hell creature through the most nobel god to the Lord Buddha himself. So from which ever community, educational level or land you are from you are welcome to follow the path of the eight nobel truths and seek out the nibbana with in yourself.

Since I’m year 9 but have a very important end of year, since I have no mark scheme to go off of, the text is completely unseen and almost random, would you recommend just using as many techniques as possible since I don’t know what the mark scheme is… they can’t really say my analysis is irrelevant? That sounds too confusing, I hope you understand!

Also we like to swallow the vowel in the “-en” ending which follows all infinite forms of verbs. So “essen” becomes “ess’n” (to eat), “sprechen” becomes “sprech’n” (to speak) and “heben” becomes “heb’m” (to lift).

OMG! He speaks like a normal person! Disgusting, ignorant, peasant! How dare he not speak like royalty and the elite who deserve to rule. Can this stuck-up moron hear herself? I hear snobbery is a great way to win elections. I hope the Dems keep using it!


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