Foucault is not an anarchist, marxist. and such thing is not possible as well.

Emma, beautiful thing of my heart, I prefer you with long hair, honey.

Why is my teacher doin this to us

Boy im litt af


Education should be free and available everywhere even to those who serve a life time in prison because I believe that with the right understanding we could change the world.

I am unique.

And he would give me the rejoinder… if I had not gone to college, I would most probably have started out a business of my own (yes – at that young an age) and would be EMPLOYING Harvard MBA’s today.

Unless such modern ills can be used to charge white man with exploitation and oppression of another ‘minority’.

Also, the Blackmoor Archives isn’t a video game, as they have published in their book. Instead it’s a guide to a series of tabletop RPG rulebooks.

I need to write an essay about myself for my english class and my teacher embarrassed me for not having the kind of essay she liked… -.- time to write an essay that everyone would like!

Harry Potter is over rated

Please, i want to practice for ielts so anybody is there to connect with me

Hellomr harrincton xd


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