You are fuckin retarded if you think Trump actually talks like a 9 year old.

I hv nt read any of d book u told bt I’ll definitely read dem in near future

I don’t thinks its fair I don’t recognize untouchabilty..

I speak Danish, English, Polish, German and Chinese, and I understand Russia, Spanish and a bit of Japanese. And yet I am horrendous at spelling in almost all of those languages 😢

Let’s assume we did “wake up.” Let’s assume we moved forward in bring about change to the system that ended the political and economic “regime” that held us captive all these years. What is left for us? Assuming one were finally free and sovereign as an individual to do as he or she pleased, is that all there is for us–the supposed truest form of freedom out there? I am rather confused as to what a place would look like if no institutionalized precedents ran awry in our lives since even in the wake of this slavery life expectancy has gone up, many years during which people aren’t even working for the benefit of the government but rather for themselves. I am a little skeptical at taking in an ideology or perspective like this primarily due to the negative opportunities that freeing ourselves from “the machine” can bring about. If there is no central force of power, wouldnt someone else trying to take that mantle and start the process all over again? Wouldn’t trade revert to bartering, a method that could easily be manipulated by the fear of death? If we don’t fear death, then how superficial would human achievement be considered if we all died for the ideas and projects we believe in? Its a noble effort to free ourselves from this slavery perhaps, but its the experiences with others in mutual belief of benevolent intent that makes us proud or happy as humans. Without a system to govern, different groups would fight over power and resources. Ask yourself this, and I caution you as the implications can be dangerous–are you happy with your life? Why or why not? Is your happiness determined by the extent to which you control your life, or could you be happy living with your family under a government that provides services not found in many places of the world? Just something to think about, jumping the gun on such a compelling idea this video seeks to put in your mind only harms humans as a whole.

2:06 I don’t think Driving Miss Daisy was released in 2013

I’m saw this video on my class!

Can you do a video on Mohammed’s philosophy or is that too controversial?

Good job reloading the video at 240p.

And of course this list is very biased towards american novels…I do not think The great gatsby is the best novel of the 20th century…

Bernie Would Have Won

Trying to binge watch as many videos as I can and try to gain as much information as I can for tomorrow’s exam.. lowkey fucked

I googled Thug Notes T Shirts and the link was there!

Last year all we did was p. e.e in English 😞

Y’all just drivin’ around, I know where my lane is

Our education systems (worldwide) strip away children’s capacity for innovation and creativity… It programs us to fear the wrong answer, and if we fear getting things wrong, we remove the ability to ever discover something new or reach our true potential.

“I hate you”

Please do the Sims language

It’s unfortunate that the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe was explained simply as an increase in the amount of currency created.

Thanx amazing man

My first published book is a collection of 22 short stories about misfortune characterized by unexpected final twists at the end of each tale. “With ‘Flight of Destiny’, I want the reader to squirm at the behavior of some undeniably despicable characters, be charmed by their wit under duress, and be totally drawn into the harrowing world of the oppressed, all while savoring these dark, surrealist stories,” says Powell. “‘Into this anthology, I have injected my vast accumulation of angst and blended in my warped sense of humor.”

Good for you romilitant! Someone actually gets the point of this video…the future of learning.

DO ANOTHER SIMS VID PLZZZZ this might sound creepy but I’ve seen all your videos._.


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