And simply conceive of life as a chain of actions guided by will or circulstance only;

Gays have their own YouTube channels now. . .

You can only feel so much by yourself.

The error is to order the circumstance of time to be immediately after the verb, as you have used the reference tool and this is another error )dieses buch)

Let me sum it all up….. NIGGA ITS LEAN

He speaks like “a family member or a friend” …. jeez…. really??? Guess I don’t have family and friends consisting of narcissistic sociopaths….

Tom Sawyer

I cryed tears of joy listening to the start music

I hate monday ughh

Do a vid on a view from the bridge pleaseeeeeeee

Its true good vedio..

Old rhyme rapp’n ~

He speaks like a bullshitter


I’m just speechless!

I almost cried he inspires me so much

Religion = sanctified racism

Really appreciate it.

Amazing stuff! Please do teach on..


I can speak in german (native language), english and im currently learning japanese and russian just for fun XD


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