Basically I am a private, overly self-critical, introvert. I can confirm this true.

Oh okay thanks.

They didnt mention stellaris or star wars empire at war >:(

It be retarded if we don’t go out together and make love in a secret room during a diwali ♡


An interesting documentary, courtesy of the BBC department of propaganda. The conclusion? Another 4 billion people on the planet will be fine! Keep on breeding because economic growth will save us all again! Don’t worry, have a baby, just change a few light bulbs and don’t go on the plane for your holidays. Ohh and whatever you do don’t mention the mass extinction of thousands of other living things on the planet, just think about you and your kin. He doesn’t mention

Trump is the exemplar of the broken electoral mechanism in America — so how long will we be stuck with him?

A handsome and suave linguistics nerd? What manner of sorcery is this??

Pg 15 granth hsiab

Boys lips are so damn chap. put sum vaseline or sum chap stick.

P. s I’m English and made the same joke about someone else with English school references. I don’t have much idea about the American school system… Did I use it right?

Your ugly

Damn we need letty

Prince Ea for president 2020

Its just biology it isnt some sort of conspiracy. STEM phd’s require very high IQ’s probably in the 99.99th percentile at least. and its just a biological fact that male IQ’s have significantly more variance than female IQ’s. thats why you see many more male geniuses but also many more males on the lower end of the spectrum as well. Of course with a population of billions there are going to be many millions of incredibly intelligent women individuals. but when you are discussing societal “problems” like a perceived lack of women in STEM fields you have to look at Biology and statistics for your answer before you run to the structural violence answer. Ive never met a scientist who didn’t admire Marie Curie just as much as say Niels Bohr. but its just a fact that Marie Curie’s are rarer than Bohrs just based on biology


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