If you think this is fake news because it doesn’t agree with what you believe in then suck it up SNOWFLAKE!

How in the fuck did i get here??? But my philosophy on life is simple… You live and you die, it doesnt matter. It may for a certain amount of time, but if its infinite you will be forgotten, all the good things or bad things you have done will be forgotten.

What game should i play because i wanna play Cossacks 3 but CoH is cheaper but CoH can’t play multiplayer


Hi Brother Clifford!!!

I had no idea that that’s how the I. P.A. make their vowel sounds!

This is my favorite Ted Talks video

I love this video I love this song I love his voice I love the way he dance he is so cute. I go buy a time machine I DESERVE 80’s

Aldous Huxley next!

So… when do we get the death star capability… 1:30

Nice…. Thank u

What am I at risk of loosing? My job and right to wear what I want.

When a goof is in a room with someone intelligent it really shows. What bad show of character on Charlamagne’s part.

Could this kind gentleman scurry and pant more?… It’s unhealthy to hurry that much 🙂 Either way, thank you very much for sharing with us this message and knowledge, seems to be very helpful.

Unreal. The dude shouldn’t have worn the shirt but this was blown SO out of proportion.

Φίλε μου η προφορά των ελληνικών σου χρειάζεται πολύ δουλειά ακόμα.

Once Upon A Marigold – awesome romance comedy book (little cheesy and for kids but still really good) this is my favorite book other than Harry Potter


Amazing!!!!!!! Wonderful faces, wonderful words, aren’t we all one? When will we become free?

Lol teach me to do it better nerdwriter

Thank you for your help!!

My friends and i love your channel!!!!!!!


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