Thought of as a psychopath

I would like to understand that dollar trick though without the camera magic.

Breakfast club hold this L

HELLO!! Just want to clarify whether PC firms can reap Economies of Scale?

“He speaks like us”? Nobody I know speaks like him.

Is there any economic systems that benefits from beauty, or at least protects it, no – then i don`t care about any of it.

308 thousand morons liked this video? Congradulations if you enjoyed this video you are half way to being a brainless zombie! Lol our society is fucking dumb! Gay sauce is a bullshit deciver. His job is to make the dumb… well even more dumb! You can not materialize anything in life! No matter how you rip a bill or cut a chocolate bar you will never increase size, amount, density, mass out of nothing! That is not reality! Even his circle is fucked off! You have to manipulate your spacing distance to hit off numbers like that! Think about a clock! It moves the same speed and The same amount every second, minute and hour! This is what allows clocks or watches to keep accurate time as long as they don’t loose power! The only thing he is showing you is how numbers are infinite! This is fuckobviouse and was taught to us in like grade 4! When PI was taught to you it was taught as an infinite number as well. This guy is a clown and I am sad to see people being wowed by bullshit like this! Please no one give up on common sense and critical thinking. Gay sauce can stay in his total sense of delusion and hypothetical nonsense that he thinks is reality. I want everyone who liked this video to experiment with a chocolate bar and a dollar bill! Back check gay sauce!


Antes que nada, nos gustarĂ­a decir que hicieron un muy buen trabajo con el video.

Fantastic work Derek, I too have been doing some research on body language and interestingly, your premises are conform-ant with mine.

Happy New Year!!

Good one…

Yes, they do.

What a brilliant, knowledgeable and moral man! How much good would result if the entire world could just listen to him for a few hours!

How can i download this video or can i download.

Overcome with ecstasy, free from body and mind

Requests hmm let me think, how about a video on how to get an A* in history, maths, the sciences, both englishs and pretty much every subject goingđŸ˜‚

I am not going to read through all the comments, so if someone else said it first, so what. Trump is obviously a very cunning linguist.

You seem really smart with no experience


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