Southern u mean country? lmao 😂😂

We vote politician with lower voice. Then we had Mr. Trump

Mr. Clifford, what is your long term aim in this Youtube journey of yours? Are you planning to have a tutor website academy or just Youtube vids?

You guys should make an algebra 1 playlist.

Heey are you doing the papper tomoz? urghh! me too, and i really dont no what to write about could you help me for example like language techniques

Batman didn’t kill the joker because if he did he would give joker the ultimate win, the joker believed that anyone have a certain breaking point and breaks his own rule. Also batman said if he killed joker he would never come back from killing.

Thanks you Sir, very helpful


Amazing talk. Loved every second.

PROBLEM SOLVED; Ask yes/no questions, and if she won’t choose, insult her and kick her segment. she NEEDS to be on those shows, it’s her job. when she can’t book interviews, she fired.

Nice yar friend

NNP@fc etc) ki definitions pr bna do…

Thanks man! This is helpful! 🙂

He is right about it opening doors to other cultures though, just by understanding a language you already feel like you understand the people speaking it and their culture so much better, it helps get a better grip on their perspective and can definitely be a bridge to understanding and befriending different people 🙂


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