I just realized I’ve flunked my class. I have 5 weeks to do this and I’m completely LOST! UGHHH

You forgot about Kryptonian from Man of Steel



This woman is a true idiot. she acts like this is some sort of ploy or strategy by trump to resonate more with idiots. no, HE IS an idiot. this is the best he can do, he’s not dumbing his speeches down for anybody – this is his max level

HR is useless shit. That’s why everybody hates HR people.

In full video i was just focusing hands beauty 😹😹

I used this vedio in scienc class it was booming

Amazing..I’ll like to attend

Wait, no it isn’t. Because the guy next to me is selling apples for slightly cheaper of the same quality.competition.

NAFTA is not free trade. its managed trade with lot protectionism built into the deal itself.

Humans are on the edge of everything we need, we got everything and because we got everything we still want more, more things we don’t actually need and make these things a requirement. A result of everything we had, new markets because older markets replete, humans develop new markets to get some money. New markets, not to help us as human being at first, just because other markets saturated. It is doomed to fail when creativity starts to shrink when it rely on the need of money, when creativity is a individual potential to an amount of money. That’s where it all went wrong, individual potential, egoism, it is not about humans, it is about getting the most out of it, money, and money is power, you can buy want you want, you can live the life you want because money is important (dependency made by humans) to lead a normal life.

Thank you so much Mr. Clifford! These videos are beyond helpful and amazing. Really appreciate all the hard work and you are a life saver!!

Actually there are a few things to remember that the video omits. Yea Sanders accent is a New York accent however it also has heavy traces of the Jewish American accent that draws heavily from eastern and Central European. Also Trump does have a heavy New York accent but it’s more from Queens. Yes as a New Yorker I do not place the “H” on words like Humans

Effective learning way… love it (Y)


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