He’s gonna go to court

Would like to play some games, but life is rather…

These boys are considered attractive when NOT YET having all the fullblown male characteristics,

This is a very good lecture. thank you very-much, we looking forward to use the information you have given us in our research project. #South #Africa

He’s a fucking retard and if he were my family member he’d get to eat shit in a cellar somewhere even my cats dont go poop… fuckin sicko psycho fuck

3:32:16 – Final Fantasy Vibes!

I dont know if Nemesis is real but if it is it will diminish the population and is a very good thing

B) first is the Physical Birth; second is the Spiritual Birth: together with GOD for eternity

I just want to tell you how I’m feeling

More better technology means more better jobs for horses.

Stupidsticious fools…

Consolidation of financial statement for final

He sounds like Denzel Washington if Denzel was from Minnesota haha. Great video, very interesting!

Mossadegh was not a part of the Tudeh party, and the Tudeh party wasn’t the one to gain the most support from the growing democracy. Mossadegh was backed by the National Front and that party was the one that gained the most support following the end of Reza shah. The Tudeh gained very little and never really had the support to try and take over. The Imams didn’t like him because he was a secular politician and wanted a secular Iran, which many of the Shia Clergy were against.

And that’s the waaaaaAaaaYyy the news goes! !

He left out Colin firth in the kings speech. Would love to have seen that


However, I believe that Buddha’s dharma will never fade out. It’s simple the truth of life. The richer and more powerful we get, the sooner we realize that everything is impermanent and all of our fights for money and power are useless. We spent too much time seeking happiness but didn’t know that happiness is inside ourself. Lord Buddha found it out 25 centuries ago, and his wise teachings are still relevant today and in the future.

Sir i need help ‚úč

That’s no moon. :ddd

I still don’t get how the thing with the dollar bill works.

Itna space chorr kr kbhi paper nhi krty cheker ko pura paper full chaye hota hai isme to lines hi itni chorr di hein….


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