Is that Ottawa University shown at 7:53?

(Kfc uses normal chickens but mc’donalds uses toxic for chickens)

Fucking fiend.

This is one of the things that have stopped India from being a super power, a country that deprives it’s people of fundamental rights does not get respect from other nations.

Marvels for exemple is super cheerful, just like what the Marvel movies try to achieve.

Nice vedios I think Its covering the moral and ethical portion of our life. it’s give the moral responsibility towards society as well as a moral responsibility of an individual toward the doing ethical dilemma

Ur mum is intertextuality

I just lost 10 minutes of my life that i will never get back

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past… god i loved that reference

A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of

The problem with this is it doesn’t account for psychopaths. they are people who don’t feel empathy, they can cause damage to someone and feel no remorse. nature rewards these kinds of people. the ability to manipulate and take from other people without the negative feeling that most people attach to that means that psychopaths get an advantage. these people then run the world because they can do what it takes to control things because they are not held back by empathy. for the most part i like to think that the average person does care about the world and would struggle to see a person or animal suffering, we have already reached that point. but when the power is held by people who don’t have any empathic abilities that’s when you get the world that we have now and to stop them, we would have to match them in their evil and our empathy prevents that.

You Nailed It……Great Vid……Alot of Men need to watch this clip….Great Job.

Can’t wait for Laozi

Thank you in advance.

Are they sold online? I couldn’t find them on Amazon. I hope it’s not another case of cheap knockoffs being made in China. I want the real thing even if you must pay a bit just for the LooLoo name.


Rise of nations ✌️✌️

The rules of grammar are a framework, not a cage.

“We could end poverty and give healthcare to everyone, but something is going to have to give.” You mean like maybe, perhaps, cut a few trillion off the military’s budget? Maybe?

Jack, I know you already know about it but I was about to blow a gasket over the jump thing!


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