How is this related to HR?

Yea you guys are shitty for not slotting 1984 in top ten. real noob maneuver

Can you add the Handmaid’s Tale?

I am in school again from being out for years and need to revisit the basics of writing again. Thank you so much.

This guy looks like Mark Cuban the guy from Shark Tank lol.

I’d love to hear him review the Elvhen language from Dragon Age


I always do the shower conversation xD

My native language (Azerbaijani language) is similar to Turkish language and it also has grammatical case but word only accept suffix not change word

That being said, there were cases where non-verbal humans do not have the prerequisite factors to produce language, yet able to communicate through sessions of shaping procedure (ABA).

Professor Handel is outstanding. The examples he used and the participation of students makes his course not only interesting but one you can learn from. The fact he received his Phd from Oxford may explain his use of the Socratic Method. Professor thanks for allowing us all to enjoy your expertise.

I’ve been making efforts to transition into a healthier mindset over the past year or so, and it’s been life changing to begin looking at the world and society and most importantly myself from perspectives and ways explained throughout this channel. I would love to see this type of material be taught in schools from a young age. 🤔💭

I’m 13 and I have a mental age of a 16-21 person…


What does it mean by context?

Is this fucking serious?

Korean has more case makers I wrote on this words.

And the big deal is? pretty much everyone in my year has taken a gap year lol

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Maybe that’s why he didn’t emphasize so much on the accent in this film. Just a thought lol.

This was really interesting to watch.

I cut my face open on a peice of metal

I agree. It will do people in more complex societies more harm than good to forget what our predecessors worked very hard to achieve. We can learn a thing or two from the PirahĂŁ (or HiaitĂ­ihĂ­, meaning ‘the straight ones’) though, especially the concept of “xibipĂ­Ă­o” (experiencing the here and now). I’m sure this is a bit of a simplification, but it seems to indicate proximity. In simple cultures and societies such as the PirahĂŁ, such empirical methods, I can imagine, are needed….

Thanks sir pleases upload more video´s


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