Seriously, where is Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights?

And full fledged XP failed in shorter order than the Newton. Go figure…

The best medication is intense exercise. Have you ever heard of a marathon runner attempting suicide after completing a 26.2 mile run? Why not? Because their brains are so flooded with endorphins they literally CANNOT feel depression or anxiety. Do you have to run a marathon to stop having God Awful depression and severe panic attacks? No, but when you can get up to running 1-3 miles per day consistently, at a fast pace, you’ll watch 90 percent of all your psychological problems evaporate. Don’t knock it until you try it. And btw, if you hate running, ask yourself which sounds better, a one hour run followed by a full day of happiness, or an entire day of apathy, misery, guilt, anxiety, depression and self loathing. LEARN TO EXERCISE.

Because of this course, I now understand the significance of a credits screen. πŸ˜€

@Icannottolerateit Who follows the guy that proudly admits he does not know the truth? “Everyone follow me I am clueless!”

No Empire Earth? Empire Earth 1 was the shit when I able to buy it in 2007 but me and the AI were always locked in a stalemate with games going for upwards of 8 hours.

I really enjoyed watching it. I like his way of describing ideas, and the sense of humor he has. I watched it for 2 times. Thanks for the uploading

Who else using this to masturbate

Call to Adventure: His dad and brothers died falsely accused and seeks revenge

It is a great video!!!!

3. Independent of, and unlimited by, any other, possessing or entitled to

Im sure the Chinese and Russians would like it, if the US slashed military spending.

I never even noticed. I only noticed that Disney makes all the characters into big jokesters.

“Almost as filthy as your browser history”


Sir can u plz tell me how to link our paragraphs and how we se a quotes in our topic?

White people ruined the Shmoney Dance…

Geez… I know it was unintentional

We’ve created so much that could benefit all mankind. We have the Internet, telephones, food for 20Billion people, advanced medicines….but it seems all the positives we’ve created have done nothing for the vast majority of humanity. The internet designed to bring ua closer, yet millions of young people isolate themselves in an online world of lonliness, or the ravages of pornography destroy a marriage or a persons sense of themselves. Vast stores of food production to feed Billions more people, yet over 900million barely have enough to eat while we in the west throw food away as if it has no value. We’ve created vast cures for the simplest of diseases, yet the cure remain out of reach for many. Whole city and suburban blocks lay empty and abandoned, while the homeless sleep outside. I feel ashamed at the way we live in the West, I see the injustice and disparity every night on CNN. I see in my own life a lack of appreciation for just “being alive”. For having food, electricity, a roof over my head. Although just because we live in the West, it doesn’t make us any more immune to the problems in other countries. We having rising medical costs, rising rates of cancer, depression, suicide, divorce, mortgages etc. Life is not a road paved in gold for us. Many face unfulfilling jobs, feeeling over worked and underappreciated. Many struggle to pay a mortgage, bills and put food on the table. Being poor in a western country I’d say can be just as hard if not harder as those in poorer lands. Our costs of living are so high, if you’re poor it’s a daily struggle. Having said this I know we here in the West have prospered off the backs of others, I wish we could stop and change but we can’t. We’re moving so fast, but we don’t know where we are heading…

The income gap between of an average worker and a CEO is 354 times “big”.

So basically he is a uneducated turd and people will pay attention to him for it lol.


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