So when’s the mixtape coming out?


That’s why they say ignorance is bliss

“Until the very end.”

Igcse-students-who-are-too-lazy-to-open-books squad

Pretty inaccurate. Where is thracian group?

2k people hits dislike on every video

(Ooh) never gonna give, never gonna give (give you up)

Youre awesome

It seems like entertainment will be the longest lasting form of human employment. (E)sports, art, literature, film, and the like will assumably be populated by humans; at least for now.

That which we focus on brings more of the same. So if we want something new and better, use our minds to focus on better-feeling thoughts to bring better into our lives.

Existence is pain

Act of 1871 that changed our Sovereign Country into a Corporation. For over 100

How did you revise for your statistics exam in year 9 because i am really struggling and my teacher doesnt help so i need to do it all myslf xx

“Because somebody told me I was a failure!”

I love this.

What’s with the Mongol Pizza?

2. What the heck; the pictures show an action woman with guns, probably a femme fatale assassin, that uses every means necessary to be as dangerous as possible and use her individual power, maybe even on the expense of others’ human rights. So how does that fit into any picture of being inferior to others? More like a goddess of war and deceit portrayed here, wouldn’t you agree?

Firstly, cutting art and music out of course is not the best way for preparing students. In the other words, it is because education is the important key which help learners knowing and understanding about cultures, tradition through these subjects. For instance, on the one hand, the square dancing is the symbol dancing of America. On the second hand, folk song is the sign song of every countries. Therefore, it is an importance for new generation.

Once again ignorant criticisms are more evidence Skinner/science is always right and superstition/Chomsky will be good for a laugh in the future.


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