Dear humanity.

Ah lame but true

Byzantium by Stephen R. Lawhead

Evolving language lmao

A woman playing bob Dylan? Who’s bright idea was that? Still got their job?

I love when he destroyed Justin Bieber in a rap battle. It was epic

Seems like a great professor, great talk but he should had defined or at least led someone on into defining what ‘morals’ and morality is. Morally, killing and/or eating another human being is incorrect; no matter if consent was given or not – it is wrong. Morality has nothing to do with consent or no consent. If any, consent would have more of a say about the situation in legal matters and terms – lawfully. This would had changed the whole field of view and better questionings and answers would had been brought into the conversation, but this is a great method of teaching; it gets the class into thinking! I love it, Harvard and their way of teaching and sessions; Got me raising my hand waiting to be called on.

Was I the only one yelling “USE THE JUMP” at jack throughout the whole video???

Amazing speaker and amazing talk!

This video helped me to grasp the concept better and I got a good laugh. I love this!

I love this edit style


It very much depends on your method and your data. The method in these four videos just compares basic word lists. Applied more broadly, this method may merge with a kind of lexicostatistics.

THis how ever, is the shittiest shitting on ones fanbase.

What if Chomsky needs the book all the way at the bottom? One-person Jenga game.

Awwwwwwwwwwwww young jack


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