:> wow mind has been blown

Your a nit picking nerd who should shut up about this

Good thing im a programmer ๐Ÿ˜€

Mam please add more and more tips for improving writing skills

Humans have always fancied to thrive in a flawless society in the past. But the perception of that picture-perfect society differs depending on the elements determining a society. Although there are so many factors that effects a society, but for me, safety is the prime factor.

2) Are you supposed to have first level headings for ‘introduction’, ‘abstract’, ‘discussion’, etc. like a lab report, and then have your themes (‘gender’, ‘age’ etc.) as level 2 headers? Or do you launch straight into the main body of your text after the title page, as you would with an essay, and then have your themes as your first level headings?

Son de los mismo creadores pero NO Se compara A Little inferno :ยดv

Its just a matter of taste i think. i personally like winter soldier and civil war colour. looks so natural with cool temperature



“united in the fact that we can’t fucken stand each other”

Mine wasn’t in this…..

I lived as a child on a Spanish speaking island, which helped me learn Spanish. Now, decades later I am motivated to learn my 3rd language – German.. so will definitely try this method.. we’ll see. I am motivated though and very excited. New language means the mind is growing

Yes moving eyes around alot fast



Rachel a Churilla

In my school we literaly add an e/a onto PEE for what set your in

Dude honestly thank you so much for making these videos I really wish more teachers were as good as you, really appreciate your enthusiasm for your subject and how fun you try to make it ๐Ÿ™‚ really helps a lot thank you dude

Wow, what a non-issue…

Saludame gona

But also you have kind of a crappy thesis example.

After watching the 2016 debate, I wonder why Tony isn’t running for President. He is clearly more intuitive than everyone on the stage and apparently money is a qualifier, Tony Robbins 2020… Haha


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