For fuck sake! you do not and I repeat do NOT need to use notepad; what you were doing was just repeating the same ‘code’ over and over again that’s what the jump block was for. and btw the ‘jump’ function is actually refered to as a while loop in computer programming, one of the most important and frequently used functions in all of programming.

This music i have already hear it? when… i have forgotten :'( What is the music plz and if you have already hear it tell where

Depressing but true

I loved this video

Pushing the fat man may very well be acceptable, IFF all actors in the scenario would find it morally acceptable given the veil of ignorance of their position in the scenario. You don’t know whether you are the fat-man, onlooker, or trolly rider.

Is the slide deck available to download?

Intertextual – referencing – I feel that some of these examples are not ‘as intertextual’ if they are references to previous movies in the same franchise, yes they are in the same way that “my name is Bond, James Bond” is but if a character pops up that comes from another ep in the series it’s not so much an intertextual reference, as a character reappearing in a long form drama.

Their first instinct… self preservation.

WOW!! I literally have goosebumps right now. Just thinking about the consequences if Banach – Tarsky Paradox is proven to be in congruence with the behavior of sub-atomic particles…blows my mind., cos there are infinite of them. I am not a math expert but I do have common sense and involved in the academics which is why I enjoyed the video. The simple fact that it can influence the bigger perspective of events is mind-boggling and belittling to me. I have started with a simple subscribe and hope to do more, may be even a collaboration. Keep uploading more!!!

What about a third language?

She could not understand him because he was a Piracha.

I always loved this when people get picky. But let it be said, I hate misspelling your, you’re, there, they’re, their, etc

Guys it’s not supposed to be an accurate video! it’s just approximate animation about the spread of Indo-European languages. one thing to say, is that Europe was almost dominated by Celtic language before the Italic languages spread through it.

I never expected this cartoon to go so fucking deep into the depths of my shallow little mind. Fuck I love it all but I’m also so confused.

I’ve been learning Polish since October and the case thing is killing me whenever I meet a new verb. Sadly I know that not only verbs can be changed but also nouns and adjectives… but sometimes I feel lucky to learn French and Spanish first so that I’m now familiar with the reality of changing cases, c’est pas bizzare 😛

Thank you so much for this simplification… looks really easy after your wonderful explanation.

QuQ mas mas que bien moar little inferno pero nuevo


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