Sharma shastri Teri maa ki chut me she tu peda huva Teri beti ko i Musalim chiseled to chalega bhadva Teri maa ki chut maru Randi Ka bacha sale harami

Dear Mr. Chomsky

Isn’t it a dialect, not an accent..

I think the only way to get global empathy is to discover a strange sentient alien species, then being Human will be special.

I’m listening to this just looking outside wondering about earth and space and it’s beauty

I don’t get this video


We are so used to professionals that spend days practicing speeches. Remember Obuma, he actually spent thousands of hours debating and speaking, he learned to apply his trade well. He never meant what he said but it sounded so real so conviencing, very similar to a movie actor. Many people think movie actors are really like the movies they play in.

He is demonstrating a fear and hate for blacks and latinos. Let us call him a disease full of xenophobia. He is a bully and that is probably how he made a lot of his money by pushing people around! Well, he will not bully enough people to vote for him, therefore he will not be the next president! I encourage all people with logic and respect for each other to vote for Hillary!!!

I was kind of wondering if I’d see anything like Grapes of Wrath or some novel about early folk musicians considering there’s a picture of Woody Guthrie in the background. I learned from a documentary Woody Guthrie spent ‘years’ perfecting the “Carter family lick” which influenced his style greatly and I think it would be very interesting to see how they might’ve influenced other musicians as well.


What’s your problem with architects? Lol


Mickey Rooney (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

I just love watching people, they all lived lives different to mine, grew up in a different region of the world, learned a different language, have different morals, different religion, different political views, but in so many ways we are the same

I love the way u teach

8:50 – proof that Chinese are racist. FACT!!!!

Aka “my wife makes fun of me and tries to change who I am as a person”


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