The background music made me remembered the world trade center attacked. Sad background music 🙁

There is a book called Dead Ends were it has two kids looking for there dads

Jack has changed (with enthusiasm and loudness) a lot over the years

You could had a better openning get the duel low allumiun and iron mine and than the silicon and carbon mine.

Nice video btw

A trendy cut scene sequence would afford more credibility and viewer engagement.

You need a psychiatrist not a bull shit and bias linguist.

I just started online Master’s courses and turned in a paper that I thought was killer. Mind you, I have been out of school for a decade now…anyhow I found out I failed because I basically turned in a summary. I was supposed to write an analysis of an essay of a writer who was defending a previous book. I got it all wrong. This was quite helpful thank you!

This video is very very helpful to me as I am a visual learner and need to write a research proposal

I will find this pretty interesting and maybe funny to watch bcs im a toxic memelord that will trigger everyone :^)

The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan didn’t even make the voting list? The hell is wrong with you people!

Sarmatian-Celto-Slavic-Aryan Griffin clan (also cofounders of the

The constant disatisfaction ibelive is owed due tolack of concentration

Holy shit you sounded like Gru in the intro.

As to the content of your claim, it doesn’t seem that meaningful to me. Swedish law is incredibly idealistic and they have lower crime rates and less corruption than most countries. Christianity and the United States are both based on ambitiously idealistic notions.


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