But let´s not get into that issue.

Take a look at the following video interview of a student studying #HRM in #SalfordHRM to find out more about this course.

I’m really glad I watched the whole thing.

Mobile : 9840674165/9840749872

I like #12 I listen to it alot with my sister in the car almost every day

Anyone else have issues with the volume levels in the opening of this episode. For me they seemed everywhere.

In the coming years shackles will be broken, divides broken, and men made equal once again, take my word for that

Fuck that Brahmin guy who is advocating so much of hatred in the name of God. If Hinduism does teach all these nonsense then fuck Hinduism and the upper society people. They are all bunch of hypocrites; they are just like Hitler so discriminated against Jews.

Askvisory (google it) enables you to speak directly to experts that can give you industry insights. I found that more useful then anything else before in an interview. Or as an expert, you can earn money by advising others.

The best book ever written is Tom Jones, A Foundling. It has lawyer jokes on nearly every page which is even funnier since Henry Fielding was one. I think the time spent reading À la recherche du temps perdu /In Search of Lost Time and Madame Bovary would be better spent sleeping or even smoking weed, et Je suis une Frog! Great Expectations is half the book David Copperfield is. Yes to Lolita!

Futurama episode!

Request to do the Roaring Twenties as a case study.

If there’s an infinite number of people and an infinite number of rooms, than you dont need to move anyone…

I am an atheist, but if I had to convert to a religion it would definately be Buddhism.

6:25 Says you, the only one with a stable, un-take-over-by-a-robot-able job. (mainly because you already are)

Thankful for this film. I am not finished watching it, and I am so compelled by it already…

Outgoing, clever, talkative and confident. Yup thats me!

“There is no limit to perseverance”

Haplogroup R1a (aka Indo-European genetic haplogroup etc). And there are

Tihs VIdeo hElped me one much. tank yuo Emma. kep it up



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