I don’t care about psycholinguistics… but I heart you a little! πŸ˜€


Very useful and clear, thank you! πŸ™‚

Clara e pura verdade

Nice discussion. i hv sm views.

“…Whatever people with real jobs do..” Hahahha

Never gonna make you cry

β€”The average youtube intelectual poser.

2.Ernest Hemingway – white from USA

I’m Jaxx, and my story is Graffiti: The Legendary Twelve.


Right after this video, my Roomba came to my room. I am hiding in my closet now. if anyone see this message please call Major Motoko Kusanagi

She is just a fraud

It’s candidates not candidates. Plz prounounce correctly.

Jack you’re not feckin doin it right!!!! 😜 But you should keep playing!! Coding is actually fun!

Unfortunately this problem isn’t only restricted to the internet.

I never understood this concept of world debt. Who the fuck do we owe the money to? Aliens???

What a presentation? OMG. I can do better that this

I love world of goo and this game you are awesome Tango!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is this video getting so much attention? I understand the point that they’re trying to convey, but I feel like they’re making fun of people who get offended at some things. And, yes, I do agree that some people get overly offended, but this is overkill. Sometimes I get offended when people insult me or my community because it’s a normal fucking response. Once someone said to me that pansexuality is bullshit and I was pissed because that’s an insult to me and the community I’m in. Like goddamnit, I’m sorry I have emotions. Also, don’t leave replies to this comment calling me a feminazi or a man hater. And don’t put “TRIGGERED” as a reply. (Unless, of course, who want to be an annoying little bitch.) Anyways, what I’m trying to say here is that this video exaggerates way too much. IT ISN’T ACCURATE! I’ve never met a person who was this fucking offended at everything in my entire life.

For Recent Graduates this might be a valuable video: Preparing Answers to Job Interview Questions – for Graduates

I hate my ipad… Iran is called Iran because it is the actual home of the Aryan peoples & languages. After Proto-Indo-European split in two, the European languages move roughly northwest from the Caspian Sea area and again split over time into the Slavic, Germanic, Italic, Celtic, and other European sub-families spoken by all of Europe, except Finnish, Hungarian, Estonian and Basque. At the same time, the Indo-Aryan group moved southeast before splitting again into the Iranian & Indian ones.

We need Techno-Communism. At a certain point, you could effectively replace the entire economy with an incredibly efficient, self sustaining automated one. Anything it didn’t need to operate free for anyone to take, probably with a monthly credit system or something so everyone would get the same amount.

TR has some good stuff, but I question how he made his money. Apparently, he got rich telling other people how to get rich. Don’t you have to BE rich BEFORE you can tell others??


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