Accentuate the positive is a cool one!

Thank you very much

Beethoven was deaf.

We need to do something

“When I stepped out into the brightness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind, Paul Newman and a ride home.” – The Outsiders

I think passive voice looks more elegant than active, we are telling something in a professional way. Many articles use passive voice instead of active

Sir what is the properties of ppc

Some notes if any one needs them!

1232 .209919 W | PID: 4436 | 500 .194918 [5816:2876:WARNING:resource_bundle. cc(252)] locale_file_path. empty()

Well…as a trump supporter I can say that if a presidential candidate runs on universal basic income then I’ll vote for him or her.

Austrian here, I can understand people from Germany and South Tyrol, but not people from switzerland.

Yes people are overweight, and we do kill animals( BECAUSE WE HAVE TO!!!)

This game looks like a good way to learn the basics of assembly programming.

Men of War

This is a shame to show and share this bullshit


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