This is the best way a student like me can learn Economics! Please make videos like these for all subjects of the world and Education will be fun!!

Sorry for the rant. Like the video, just, don’t like how everyone sees this shit and disses humanity just like that. It’s like how news is biased, and whatever news channel you watch, they form your views. It’s bullshit. People should step back and make thoughts and decisions of their own

Please do a follow up lecture.

Evden= from house

My teacher can’t explain anything.

I have chills

I’m in my final year of uni and looking back I wish I had took a gap year! Good luck with your UCAS and I’m sure you’ll have an amazing gap year!❤️

Died early due to unnatural expectations.. which he broke. Teaching an animal our language is wrong We should be learning theirs. Translator device ect.

Explore in YouTube Gaming

This is so ambitious! Wow, I really like what you are doing guys, looks awesome.

And that specter of despair can be the engine of intimacy. “

First learn how to pronounce names. Then try to school people!

Este es el mejor juego que has subido gona

It’s not good system anymore. India will change. People will fight for their rights. Religions are the cause of these kind of strange ideas.

30 mins crunch time i hope this works =_=

God does not exist and you are a lost cause.


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