Can I donate Marijuana?

Never gonna let you have stroke

He feels quilty every minute for that mistake.


Griefer has joined the server

This is a great video. Thank you!

Does anyone know the location of the picture? I would like to go there.

“potential dangers” ?? It’s already like that.

What this is is a very intelligent and objective analysis of the rapper in questions vocal style. and in the comments you’ll see writers being angry because what the person in the video says makes them wrong about how they felt about young thugger.

To be fair, what is described in the video is not even inter-textuality. It’s fan-service and self-references (which can sometimes be done well; see Tarantino, which constantly alludes to his previous films in his latest). True intertextuality is fishing elements from different works, IPs but also mediums / genres, then transposing them into your own work because it makes sense (and puts it under a new light), while keeping the original reference visible. For instance, if we keep Tarantino as an example, it’s all the references to The Thing that you can find in Hateful Eight (the biggest being the score) – because both movies are about a bunch of guys stuck in a room while there is a storm outside, trying to find who is not who they pretend to be. That’s inter-textuality.

The whole storys name is “The Empire” and has small sections, 5 to be exact, but if you download the entire thing (all 5 sections) it comes with a bonus “Removed Stuff and extra stuff!” Because why not!

I’m reading his book on my days off doing readings for all other courses (pains and joys of an english major haha). thoroughly enjoying it, though sometimes i get stuck on a page because what i read makes me challenge my assumptions of justice and freedom. a thought-provoking topic.

GDP and GNP, IFIA, relations are not correct.. please tell me

The happiness hypothesis by johnathan haidt. it’s kinda about philosophy, it takes “ancient wisdom” and modern science together and it works so well in 10 chapters

Nice reference to Heidegger!

Crisis: Monteriggioni siege


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