Wonderfully beautiful.

Really enjoyed de lecturers. i now understand equilibrium very well. God bless u

It’s an anti Israeli, semetic course pro arab shit!

Great speech. Very informative!

I’m just glad to see that they’re no equivocating socialism/communism with centrally-planned economies.

Fantastic advices

Red Alert

Buddhism is not a religion. Most of people are going to make it as a religion. Its also like Atheism. They never believe in anything. Buddhism teaches you how to live 🙂

Jeez people, calm down. These are quite clearly first year students, they’re still probs 18 – 21. These discussions massively enrich their thinking capabilities, for many of them this is the first time they’ve ever contemplated such moral dilemmas. THIS is how universities create the thinkers of our societies. All you people are just envious of their opportunities – get over it.

This is the game I wanted, so why does the entire planet explode when I hit it with an asteroid?

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Much bether whan u can hack :DDDD


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My teacher failed to explain this. But you totally nailed it and made it dum simple. Thank you!!!!))))

It’s called advertising.


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