Wow how awesome?

I love all of your videos, and I especially enjoy your Eastern Philosophy videos. I think that Eastern ideas and beliefs should be taught more in Western cultures.

Yea, he’s speaks like normal human being. And people like that.

Oh no! Infinite homework!

You damn fool!! Never, NEVER leave this book lying around! Don’t you have a safe? No, you don’t have a safe. Get a safe! Keep it locked up. And until then, keep it on you, like this.

I love your videos, I will excel at Macroeconomics thanks to all the work you have done. I appreciate you

Thanks for the tips 🙂

I’m sorry but this is crap, your description far exceeds the message your video delivers. I don’t connect to it at all. Oh, and surfing facebook pages all day doesn’t really help with the available spare time.

His german is pretty terrible and his english has some spot where it doesn’t sound native…but he grew up in brazil so that’s normal

Of his desperate needs.

Assistance: Mario’s guidance

“What we see through the eyes are not what is truly in the mind.”

Wow, your awesome. I wish you could teach all of my classes!

We might be seeing a new Ayatollah soon. Maybe a more Liberal one who is willing to be a bit more lax on enforcing hardcore Sharia then the last 2 have been.

3:11 – You just went and did your own intertextuality didn’t you?

I feel like comparing the Tao Te Ching to the Bible is a little misleading. Whereas the latter is essentially an anthology of stories that carry with them moral messages, the Tao Te Ching is more akin to a volume of poetry.

Always listening to Beethoven during Fallout 4😈

I watched this video. I really don’t want to be SCM. but I’ve exam tomorrow and want to pass it.

You made me a rock star in my class! B-)


This man is a joke. I never thought, I would say this as a progressive, but I kinda miss George W. Bush Jr., he was at least funny :/

“For you, a thousand times over”


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