To go where…?

Thats all very interesting, but all this theses are just reflection of his mind, of his personality. He was into gay and s/m, sto he put much of his focus on medicine and particular psychiatry. And so is everything else. I’m not saying everything is worth nothing; there is some truth in his theses, but the thing is everything he said is a projection of his own personality and not the objective truth. A conditioned mind can not see things as they are.

22 min rap song

“For avoiding pain?”

Do you get ad revenue? Dude you’re teaching more than any professor ever has. You deserve money. Lots of money.

They predicted that it was just a bleak, self serving ploy. Wow.

So here’s my question. . Why are the mortgage companies attending sherif sales to buy the loans they already own and sometimes they were bidding WAY more than what the house was going for.

A lot of people complain about these but they need to realize that there are A LOT of novels out there to take into account and these lists are honestly just opinions. Does it make your favorite book worse because it wasn’t on the list? No.

I don’t really listen to rap music. But that might change now, this video was fascinating.


A good move for all students…SIR..


Just mind blowing, heart wrenching. beautiful. inspiring. awakening. motivating. all that jazz yall. #wolfpack

I love paris bullyfool between legs

Imagine if EA was the publisher lol.

You’re a genius lecturer, I am just repeating material for exams but it’s so efficient thx to your pace, nice editing and background music. Excellent job mate.

In the west, we believe that all humans are created equal, and each has a right to pursue his or her own version of happiness. A country can move forward only if ordinary average persons have the opportunity to advance their economic status and obtain a high level of material comforts. The best way to decrease poverty is to spread world class education to all levels of society and yes, that means to the untouchable people. If India cannot grasp hold of this concept, it will never catch up with the west. Now, I can understand why renoun Singapore based hedge fund manager Jim Rogers officially states “Until the Indian government can learn how to run a country, I will be short India.”

Our Branches Service centers network in more than 180 countries.

I laughed when they said most exchanges are voluntary. Like the cashier actually had a choice to sit at home all day and not starve lmao.

You damn right its a joke bitch

If you put a scruffy beard on this professor, he’d look like Tywin Lannister. That is my contribution to this debate. Thank you.

Conor Mcgregor is a great example


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