Maybe we should upgrade our selves instead of making us “obsolete”.

I hope the exam is this easy :/

Excellent video, perfectly explained. ,loved it. thanks for the help.

People may still not talk to you after you follow all these steps, but I truly think that, beside trying to make people listen, you just feel better about yourself. Ask yourself, isn’t it more pleasing to listen to a calm, slow paced voice, rather than a highpiched, fast paced voice? Even if people don’t talk to you that much, is better to know that the little words you spoke to them made them feel safe around you.


I wish my teacher taught it like this that was so easy thank you! Now I’ll pass that test

Thanks for the five tips

The guy who eats shit isn’t just engaging in an ACT of coprophilia; he is A coprophiliac, meaning a ‘queer’,

Damn, so much to take in but thank you

Lol listened to this entire segment almost two times before finishing my 1,064 word essay 10 hours sad sad sad

This only happens to big, public, state universities. Private liberal arts college is different.

Dark as South Indians and yet according to AMT these people should not

It can’t be more easy and clear. Thank you very much!

Does this mean that John is writing a new book? :O

Use the comment section to find a solution not to criticize


He sounds like my sisters little girl…but when she gets 7 years she spoke way better then this orange fuck!!


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